How to Monetize More With Online Business Acquisitions

I really enjoyed the transparency that Empire Flippers has with the buyers and they legitimately want it to be a success after the actual sale. Yeah, so I first started
working online at university, I studied business and I got my first job with an online classified, so, I was their first marketing hire, and that’s where I pretty
much was launched into the digital marketing scene. I was a growth hacker before
growth hacking was even a term. There’s so much opportunity
in the online space, I mean this is the future, and being at the cusp of innovation. My best job that I’ve
ever had was with my, a job out of university
before the online classified and then, of course, I started MonetizeMore thereafter, so yeah. I got the inspiration
to start the business from a trip in South America, I wanted to start a location
independent business that allowed me to travel around the world and run my business at the same time and essentially allow for this
location and schedule freedom and then yeah, that’s where
the idea for MonetizeMore came up and I applied it
to my original employer, and was able to come up with a model to increase their ad revenues. A lot of it’s people management, you know, people management can be really tough, there’s a lot of case by cases, scenarios, conflict resolution, so
that’s a bit of a tough thing to kind of deal with. The technology part, and
making sure that technology gets delivered on time and reliably. The level of freedom. The level of freedom
where I can literally be anywhere in the world I
want, I could chase the sun. When it’s winter up in
the Northern Hemisphere I could go down to the
Southern Hemisphere, I can take on opportunities where a friend’s having a wedding in another part of the world, I can
go there, I can still work. For someone else, that
might mean not commuting, or living in that town they
always wanted to live in, where we wouldn’t otherwise have career, you know, opportunity, it really just opens up
these brand new avenues that wouldn’t be available if it required working from an office. I first found out about Empire Flippers through an organization
called Dynamite Circle, it’s an organization
of nomad entrepreneurs, and I met Joe and Justin in person at the first conference that I went to. And I heard about what they offer, which sounded really cool. It’s an investment opportunity, so since we’ve been profitable every year of the MonetizeMore existence, we, it makes sense to actually invest it in certain ways, right? So there’s a lot of different options. There’s mutual funds, there’s
investing in the stock market, there’s crypto currency, there’s investing back in the business, and then, of course, there’s investing in, a similar type of website, that’s like investing,
acquiring new businesses, which has been a really good fit for us because MonetizeMore has technology to increase ad revenues for publishers. So it’s a pretty natural progression to actually buy websites that we can implement our technology and that we know will consistently increase
their ad revenues immediately. It’s enabled us to build a portfolio of ad monetized publishers. So because it’s such a strategical fit to buy these publishers
that are making money from Ad Sense or other type
of display ad networks, we’ve been able to fit in our technology, implement it, and then get the immediate return, but the other exciting part
is we get to put ourselves in the shoes of our customer base of ad monetized publishers. I would say to go to the next level in terms of due diligence. Due diligence is not easy, and if there’s some sellers they try to put, as they put it, put lipstick on a pig. That’s their incentive, it’s what they’re selling, they’re trying to make it
look as good as possible, but sometimes at the end of
the day, it’s just a pig. And you need to be skeptical and make sure that you see it from that perspective and catch any of these issues, because there are some
black hat stuff on there, and one thing that Empire
Flippers does a great job on is finding those black hat issues and filtering them out, or making sure that
it’s fully transparent. I really enjoyed the transparency
that Empire Flippers has with the buyers and they
legitimately want it to be a success after the actual sale. So you can really kinda
see that communicated with dealing with their sales team, dealing with their support, some of the policies
that they’ve inputted. I know I’ve spoken with the founders and other team members on
the Empire Flippers team, they have done a great job in incorporating strong screening process for each one of the sites, and it’s nice peace of mind for me as a buyer. I would give them a four and a half. Because no one’s perfect, there are always room for improvement, but they are really solid in terms, like I said, I have experience with other website brokers that we have bought from, by far, Empire Flippers comes at the top. They, in terms of working
with their sales team, it’s very clear, transparent, communication’s really solid there, and a very professional company.

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