28 thoughts on “How To Get Internet Famous: 12 Mistakes New Influencers Make

  1. every videos you share means a lot and you have this ability to be that inner voice that nudge all of us with your wisdom and knowledge. I look up to you so much! more powers and blessing to you, Sorelle! xoxo

  2. I love this video. I’m a new follower of you and love your positive energy. This video was the best on this subject I have seen. Thank you.

  3. Omg..you started crying…I started crying!….i'm going through a rough time, I just quit a job that made me feel miserable and that I hated so much..and my very long relationship ended (8 years)..it's been hard..and the part when you talk about HOPE….omg…THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME ABOUT HOPE…I just needed this video today…❤ you Sorelle!!!

  4. He ! I follow you from Italy, and i really appreciate your work and the message you wanted to convey with this video. When i descovered your video for the first time, i saw all of them in 2 weeks and i continue to watch them and follow you because for me you are a great inspiration! I hope to be able to start doing this job. I hope i have written well in english, i’m working on it ^^
    Keep it up! The real enthusiasts like you, are happy and really appreciate what you do.
    Thanks again ❤️ greetings, Georgiana.

  5. Instagram is such a tough platform for me since my work is not… safe for work. I actually lost my original Instagram due to adult content violations even though I was very careful what I posted.

  6. i love you! you made me cry at the very last part! Yes you are right there are times I am loosing hope too and looked for a different path, but then I realized this is my dream not the crappy job! so i fought for it! Again I love you so much, thanks for posting this ~ Vlogger

  7. I absolutely ADORE you Sorelle! Your emotions are so pure and I love that about you, your energy has been whats motivated me and inspired me (outside of your lifestyle and your goals/beliefs and your art and everything else about you lol). I want to thank you for what you do! 🙂

  8. Sorelle i’d like to say thank you for the amazing job are you doing and for share ur experience with us, it’s so inspiring… super addicted watching all ur videos 😅
    Peace ✌🏻

  9. That was beautiful and so are you! I'm ssssoooooo inspired by you! I love seeing your smile pop up in my feed keep being yourself!

  10. I love you and your artistic work, but I think you need to move on to more important topics such as mental health! Why not? We have enough channels showing us what this and that looks like! I do not think a popular channel shows us what bi-polar feels like. Please become the champion for mental health and show us what it is like and how people could get help! This is a subject that has been pushed under the carpet long enough! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  11. Its like youre speaking directly at me! Ill make you and I proud, Sorelle. Thank you for just existing and connecting with all of us

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