1. make a tutorial showing us that this method surely offers 100% free internet by inserting one of your scratched sims in any phone or modem. As your subscribers we will be grateful if you prove it!!!

  2. I'v try this a it dose not work and I'v use the tap on very bar except the last one which is number one tried all five none of them were successful

  3. After I scratch the SIM's 4 section, is the WiFi supposed to be on or off? And how much of the portion should I scratch? How much do I need to scratch…just enough to see scratch marks or until the portion is silver or what?

  4. I have tried the wooden tape settings but it did not work.When I placed the tape on some sessions, the result will be 'no sim card'.As for this one I specifically took a lot of time and did it but did not work for me

  5. heyyyy need help…i do tap the sim. Its part of the sim and only one part gives network. but it does not give free internet…

  6. When we buy the SIM we r asked to register with our voters 🆔. So what the assurance that we will not b arrested if it really works.

  7. hi, Bro.
    In some instance, I mean a portion when's block it has indicated no sim or insert SIM while in Africa/Nigeria…
    kindly, confirm it to me on how it would work or an alternative when the port is indicate no sim, pls.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi… I tap it but only two portion work but it never have free internet, neither calls nor sms and the 3 other portion ask me to register the sim..what else can I do.

  9. Is this man normal? You keep saying one and the same thing for over 45minutes, if you can't identify the different portions of a sim and their functions then I recommend you go for further studies coz what you are saying is rubbish! How can you draw a diagram you can't explain! A sim is partitioned according to its functions young man, since you cannot identify which is which, you are doing guess work. Go smoke your weed sir.

  10. Im from Nigeria
    I tried this wooden tape by covering each compartment on one MTN SIMCARD…
    I covered each of the six one-after-the-order… 3' 4' 6' compartment shows insert sim while the rest worked when covered but does not help out on free calls and internet…
    +2348091450397 (WHATSAPP)

  11. Hello I'm from Nigeria I tried it on my Mtn sim but not working pls what can I do this is my WhatsApp No +2348062809797

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