How To Delete Services Created By Mac Automator

In this video we are going to see how
to delete services created with mac automator. In last video I talked about creating a batch filename rename service where you can
rename multiple files and put them in a sequential order
but if you see on the automator interface you don’t have a place or any option where you can actually delete created service and that’s why people get confused how to actually go ahead and delete that
service. To delete a service, you need to go into the Finder can go into your hard disk and under that
there is a user’s open that and you should see a folder
with your name just open that and under that there is a library folder it might happen that you don’t see this
library folder here if that happens you need to go into the
show view options and there is an option “show Library
folder” just check on it. it might be unchecked, so just check it and
close it. You could be able to see this library folder here. Open this library folder go to services and here you will find all the services which is created via
Mac automator you can delete any service
from here and it we will deleted from your Mac
and will not be used anymore that’s how you can remove the services created via Mac Automator. Hope this help. For More tips on Mac Automator and related to Mac OS Tips, Subscribe to MakeWebWorld YouTube channel thanks for watching

13 thoughts on “How To Delete Services Created By Mac Automator

  1. ive created two applications with automator and they arent showing up in the services folder! help!

  2. Thanks very much for this video. I wasn't able to do everything using your steps. Because I didn't have the 'Library' folder where you show this in your video. When I right-click, I don't get the option to show the Library folder.
    The NOTE below shows what I had to do, to be able to show the Library folder.

    NOTE: If the ‘Library’ folder does not show, then double click on [name], right-click, click ‘Show View Options’, and check ‘Show Library Folder’.

    I am using OS X Yosemite version 10.10

  3. Thank you so much. I have been searching for this solution for three days and this video actually helped me delete a workflow that I created few years ago and was not working correctly. Finally!! 😉

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