How to Build a Low-Cost Self-Service POS (Point Of Sale) Kiosk

Okay so today we’re going to talk about
how to build your very own self-service kiosk. So this applies to you if you’ve got a
cafe, a restaurant, or some sort of a retail store, where you want to do some
sort of self-service. Whether that’s to reduce staff or just to make things more
efficiently. And I needed to do this for one of my businesses so I’m the managing
director of a group of companies and one of my businesses we’re having a few
difficulties with staff we wanted to build a self-service to make things a
lot more smooth and much better for the customer so they could actually go
through and choose what they wanted. And you can see a great example of
self-service at the moment with McDonald’s. So if you go into any
McDonald’s restaurant, you’ll see these huge tablets now they’re six foot tall
you go up and you start typing on them. So McDonald’s are one of the leaders in
the industry actually creating this this software and the hardware that goes with
it. And they spent absolutely millions and millions of dollars and pounds or
euros actually developing this and it’s paid off really well for McDonald’s. If
you look at their share price since they’ve implemented this their share
prices just skyrocketed which gives you an insight into what happened there
they’re actually making a lot more profit from this technology by you know
actually utilizing those staff that were on the front kiosk taking your order so now
put those into the into the into the restaurant into the into the back to
actually work on food processing more or they’re just simply cutting a lot of
staff so that you know they’re keeping some of their best staff and some of the
staff that aren’t as good there may be moving them on. So that’s what
McDonald’s have done there the market leader so if you’ve looked into this
yourself you’ll probably notice just how expensive it is to build self-service and
I’ve come up with a really really extremely cheap way to do it. Because
within this company that I’ve got it’s still startup it’s three years in and
although it’s profitable it’s making a good profit the staff costs are really
swallowing a lot of that profit and it’s causes very long queues I mean the
queues through the you know out the door in
our shop some days are ridiculous so self-service; bringing in a couple of kiosks
is gonna solve that so let me show you how I did it. So first thing what I did
was I did the typical went on Google and search lots of companies that build
self-service and what I found which was quite surprising for me in this is 2018
bearing in mind we’re not you know 1990s right now nearly every POS, so
that’s your point-of-sale service is not offering self-service 99 percent is
still the cashier behind the counter typing it in. Which is crazy! I mean we
need more tech companies to be developing this now. So with all that
said, I went around and I only found six companies that offer self-service. And
the prices range from a 10,000 pound development through to a quarter of a
million pounds which is ridiculous. It will take too long to get my return on
investment back on that. So what I did was I did a little bit of research and I
found out there was a point of sale called square it’s not a UK company it’s
actually an American company based out of San Francisco and they have this
fantastic software you don’t have to pay fees either
on the POS like a lot of these big companies they charge you three hundred
pounds five hundred pounds or even dollars thousand dollars a year for
using their point of sale software Square which is this here they don’t
charge you anything you just buy the software buy the hardware you use the
software for free and they make their money from the actual transactions so
this is the great thing about Square fantastic we’ve set it up it’s working
great and now we’re actually gonna go from using in the shop where the cashier
types in to using the self-service so here’s what I did and I had to you know
go back and forth with Square a lot on this because no one’s done it before. So
what we’ve got right now is in store we have our cashier with the iPad so we
have one of these iPads so this is a bubble tea milkshake drink company and
this is how the cashier so you come along and you want a drink so let’s say
you want a milkshake you want a bubble gum milkshake
you click this and you know you select what you want if you only jelly or
anything else in it and then you really simply just add it so that’s it and then
the charge. That’s how the cashier is doing it all I’ve done now is just alter
this a little bit so it’s more simple and someone on the front can do it so as
a customer you come in and you just press this button so as an example it
will be in the hardware which is here I’ll show you this in a minute we’ll get
it all set up in the shop and it’s so simple you simply touch your card to the
reader and it pays for it and you need to do a little bit of tweaking so I’ve
actually had to buy an Ethernet board from Star micronics because some of the
printers most the printers with this are bluetooth so you’ll have to do if you’ve
got a Bluetooth printer at the moment you’ll have to actually take the
Bluetooth board out and replace it with this so this is an Ethernet board. You’ll
then have your printer at the front of house and they’ll be connected by an
Ethernet circuit so that’s another matter
all in itself you really go look at Ethernet networks but it’s not hard to
say that you plug it into your your Wi-Fi router you run the wire to the
printer run it to this other printer and it all works nicely so let’s head out now we
pack this up we’re gonna head out to the shop which is about 30 minutes away from
from my home and we’re gonna get this set up and show you how it all works all
right so let’s do that now okay so we’re inside the shop now and
we’ve set up the hardware so they come out the boxes we have the stand we
have the card reader and then this is the shop iPad. So we already had the
iPad just loaded the software on it put on the self service now the thing to
note is you have to build this yourself it’s not too difficult but it does take
a little bit of playing around with it but once it’s built its built then so
that’s set up we’ve got two of these set up we’ve got the Ethernet printer set
up and the last thing that we’ll need to do with this is to actually bolt this
down so that someone doesn’t just pick it up and run off with it so what we’ll
do here is we’ll cut out a square of the grass same here to put this down and you
actually get a toolkit with it and the great thing about the toolkit is that
you have a cleaning cloth and adhesive mount or a drill mount so this is the
drill mount took it from the other box and I’m actually going to use this so
you’ll need it comes with a drill bit so you’ll actually need to drill through
your counter and that goes into the bottom of that and you haven’t got the
grass underneath that would be absolutely solid no one will be able to
take that and run away with it and also the iPad, unless you actually know how to
get it out no one’s gonna be able to grab that and pull it out either so that
is the the hardware side all installed now the only last thing we need to do
which is the bit I said a little bit tricky is the ethernet so with most
printers especially at the back there, they’re going to be bluetooth they’ll be
connected to a one iPad to a printer and that will be bluetooth all you need is you need
this to connect to this but also to connect to the printer behind the actual
counter because otherwise the person making the drinks it you know wherever
you are restaurant coffee shop etc they won’t know what this
and all that and unfortunately you can’t do that from the Bluetooth so it has to
be an Ethernet printer so I’m going to take this now and I’m going to take out
the Bluetooth and I’m gonna install the Ethernet in the back printer there. And
the other thing to notice is this white wire that is the ethernet wire. That Ethernet wire comes in to a
splitter (Switch) there which we’ll show you in a second and then the splitter comes in to
this and then to that printer but apart from that is fairly straightforward to
set up. Okay so we just had a couple of people trial the self service, took a
little bit longer than than I expected for it to be set up I was expecting it
to take about ten minutes it’s taken about an hour as with anything a couple
of technical snags I’m gonna get on this now I’m going to order myself a drink
so let’s go for a green apple let’s add in some blueberry popping bubbles really
simple there we go you can see the order on screen there actually I can customize
it more if I want to but I don’t want to you know, I can customize my sugar level how
cold I want it, how many ect but that’s good so I’m just going to hit
charge here I’m gonna take my phone and I’m going to just use contactless okay and then I don’t know if you heard
but it printed a stub here and then a stub back there if we want to get that all right order number three! that’s good! 😉 Okay so there you have it
that’s how you set up a self-service kiosk without a lot of money you know a
few hundred pounds for the equipment and Ethernet and that’s it you’re good to go! Who am I looking at? *Mumbles* Who am I looking at you? Yeah okay ready yeah green apple fruit tea
with blueberry bubbles? Thank you- Where’s my stub at?

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