How Internet Explorer Became Apple’s Default Browser

[Newscaster] And on the subject of technology, Apple Computer has claimed another victim. The company’s chairman and CEO Gilbert Emilio abruptly resigned yesterday. He assumed the position… [MJD] 1997 was a big year for Apple. The company was in the midst of a financial crisis and was just 90 days from going bankrupt. Despite these financial troubles, Apple had just finalized the purchase of NeXT software in a last-ditch effort to save the MacOS. Steve Jobs who co-founded the company in 1976 returned after over a decade of being absent. At the Macworld conference of that year Jobs announced one of the most controversial deals in the history of the company. One with its biggest rival, Microsoft. In the terms of this deal Microsoft made a 150 million dollar investment in Apple and promised to develop Microsoft Office for Mac for the next five years. Jobs also said that Apple will be making Internet Explorer the default browser on the Mac Which was a decision that wasn’t received very positively at the event. [Steve Jobs]
Apple has decided… …to make Internet Explorer its default browser on the Macintosh [Tons of Booing in the crowd] [MJD]
But this begs the question… Why? Why did Microsoft agree to invest millions of dollars into one of its competitors? And why did Apple agree to make Microsoft’s Internet Explorer their default browser? to answer these questions We have to examine a legal battle between the two tech giants and it all begins in the early 90s [Music] At the second annual Worldwide Developers Conference in May of 1991 Apple Computer introduced and previewed the first version of their new multimedia Framework called QuickTime. QuickTime was a major development in the multimedia industry, Especially to home computer users. Prior to QuickTime’s introduction playing back video on a home computer was a difficult if not impossible task. What made QuickTime so revolutionary was the methods that it used to enable video playback on consumer computers. The software would dynamically adjust the frame rate that it was playing back video in depending on the speed of your processor while continuing to play the audio portion in real time. Essentially the audio would continue to play in sync with the video no matter what frame rate the video was being played back in. At QuickTime’s demonstration at WWDC, Bruce Leak, The head of the QuickTime team played Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial at a whopping 320 by 240 resolution. While this seems quite unimpressive today, It was a major feat in the early 90s. QuickTime 1.0 was eventually released to the public in December 1991. One year later, Apple contracted the San Francisco Canyon company to develop a port of quicktime for Microsoft Windows. The first version of QuickTime for Windows was released at the end of 1992. So that’s great and all but you might be asking what does any of this have to do with… …Internet Explorer being Apple’s default browser? Well, this is where our story becomes much more interesting. Microsoft and Intel felt threatened because of QuickTime for Windows, so they decided to do something about it. In a response to QuickTime for Windows, Microsoft created their own multimedia framework in 1992 called Video for Windows. The first few versions had limitations and did not compare in performance to Apple’s QuickTime. To improve the performance of Video for Windows Intel initially contracted the same San Francisco Canyon company that was hired by Apple to port QuickTime to Windows. Later on Intel and Microsoft combined their efforts to improve Video for Windows They created a new technology called Display Control Interface or DCI. This new technology was implemented in video for Windows version 1.1d. This version greatly improved the performance of Video for Windows. In fact, the improvements were so significant that it caused Apple to look into them. What Apple found was alarming. Intel and Microsoft had pirated several thousand lines of code From the San Francisco Canyon Company that ported QuickTime to Windows. As soon as they learned about this… …Apple promptly filed a lawsuit against the San Francisco Canyon company Accusing them of breach of contract and theft of intellectual property. Apple later added Intel and Microsoft to the lawsuit claiming that they had knowingly contracted the San Francisco Canyon Company so that they could steal the infringing code. A temporary restraining order was issued on March 3rd 1995 that prohibited Microsoft from distributing video for Windows version 1.1d. In response, Microsoft updated video for Windows for Windows to version 1.1e, which removed the infringing code. This incident was how the… …discussions between Microsoft and Apple began. Apple initially threatened Microsoft with a multi-billion dollar lawsuit… …over the QuickTime incident. In response to Apple’s threats Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates threatened Apple with the removal of Microsoft Office for Mac, one of the Mac’s most popular suite of programs. Ultimately, the two companies came together to announce a settlement deal , which was first made public at the 1997 MacWorld conference. Apple dropped all lawsuits against Microsoft and agreed to make Internet Explorer the Mac’s default browser in… …return for Microsoft continuing to develop Office for Mac for five years and purchasing 150 million dollars worth of non-voting Apple stock. However, this investment was, according to then Apple chief financial officer, Fred Anderson, the first of a few substantial balancing payments that would be spread out over the course of the next few years. The exact amount of money that Microsoft gave to Apple over these years is still unknown to this day. While the decision to make Internet Explorer the default browser upset a lot of Mac users at the time, It was in Apple’s best interests. Internet Explorer was the dominant browser at this time… …And as such many websites were designed to support it, even though Internet Explorer was Apple’s default, They did ship other Browsers with new Macs and allowed the user to change their default if they preferred. So that is the story of how Internet Explorer became… …Apple’s default browser. A story of one legal battle that ultimately changed the course of the… …Relationship between the two tech giants in the coming years. That’s all for today’s episode, I’d like to thank all of you very much for watching. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it, Definitely be sure to give this video a like and get subscribed. And as always I will see you guys in the next video [Music]

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  1. Hmmm highly misleading, there would be no Apple today if Microsoft hadn't stepped in. You left out the bit where Apple was virtually bankrupt and this deal to resolve disputes effectively stopped them going under. This was in Microsoft's interest as they need competition otherwise they could get broken up or be accused of being a monopoly. It was Microsoft who deliberately rescued Apple from bankruptcy, how could you leave that out?

  2. Great video… i think you earned a new sub.
    No clickbait, just well presented informations…. 🙂 I love it!

  3. The real reason Microsoft invested in Apple was to show the DOJ they had viable competition in the market place. Once the DOJ dropped the charges of Monopoly against Microsoft, the rivalry continued. Then there was the rise of Google Android and the market shifted and Microsoft became less relavent. Now the main rivalry is Apple vs Google!

  4. I rememeber upgrading from Mac OS 7.6.1 to Mac OS 8.1, (having upgraded from 8.0 in favor of more features down the road) and sure enough IE 4.0 (if I recall) was on the desktop. I still have these OS's for my beloved 7600, I just find it ironic someone made a video about them. What's next, Cyberdog? Apples infamous browser at the time? Good job as always MIke.

  5. It's refreshing to watch a video on this subject that doesn't simply perpetuate the old myth of Microsoft 'saving Apple'.

    $150M was chump change in the corporate world, even in 1997. Apple's market cap in 1997 was *$3BILLION*. The $150M injection, via NON-VOTING shares, was nothing less than an out of court settlement over the theft of the QuickTime code, which could have cost MS a lot more. But the media at the time neglected to mention that which started this myth.

    Also, forcing Microsoft to continue develop Office for Mac for at least 5 years was huge, HUGE win for Apple. People forget just how important a product Office was back then. And IE was a half decent browser that set the defacto standard for the emerging web.

    Yes there were alternatives for the Mac, such as Netscape, and they sucked.

    Really, Apple got a lot more out of this deal than Microsoft did. MS even sold their shares soon after so they didn't even profit from Apple's resurgence. And all because MS got caught cheating, as they regularly did, back in the 90s.

  6. So basically, Microsoft saved Apple from going out of business. Remember that, Apple users, the next time you slag off Microsoft.

  7. @Michael MJD Hi, keep up the work with the great videos. You're very professional and your explanations are very detailed and thorough. You're one of the better YouTubers out there, well done! Can I ask a massive favour? Can you please make a step by step tutorial on how to get Kernelex working on Windows 98SE? I apologise in advance for completely changing the subject of the video at hand here, but I can no longer deal with people who explain how to do things, but don't explain where to download the files that you need, what exact version of those files is required, or what to do with them once they've been downloaded. This is like trying to bake a cake without knowing where to get all the ingredients, or what to do with them! Thanks, your help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  8. I absolutely love this format. I've been watching you for ages now. I've loved your videos for ages too. Especially loving this format!

  9. Great work mate, and very concise too! I wonder if people actually preferred IE over the others when using a Mac.

  10. This video doesn't give justice to the story, first of all the story itself is a lot more interesting if you look into it, and second the video is misleading and downright incorrect at places!

  11. “Internet Explorer, that’s the browser there!”
    “No, no, that’s not a browser, that’s the button for the internet!”
    “The button for the internet!”

  12. Apple learned a lot since then. Now you get 'Pages' and 'Numbers' for free while Microsoft still charges for Word and Excel ….. Often overlooked in pricing comparisons. The big question is: did microsoft sell those stocks in the meantime?

  13. you should make a video about how many companies were looking for make their own embedded browser, like winamp browser, real jukebox and others i don't remember right now

  14. Damn 1.26 a share? This is getting back more than 2,000,000 dollars worth per 10,000 dollar investment. I woulda put every single penny I had on that stock.

  15. A FEW YEARS LATWR: Windows Media player came out while apple realeased safari in 2001 or 2002

  16. If Microsoft didn't help apple

    There will be no Samsung smartphone today and Android and of course there will be no Apple, and we are still using those crap phone with buttons

  17. Back when apple actually cared about users.

    Other reasons why they stopped the lawsuits is because msword was the go to word processor at the time and didn't really have anything that could come close to it.

    IE boasted the most popularity as well as compatibility with most sites making apple users lives easier.

  18. Rotten Apple Shit Compagny is always seeking in the quest of lawsuits… what a Dweebs , Steve jobs dead anyway, The big boss microsoft won 😀 ah ah

  19. MicroSloth stealing code? I’m shocked #Sarcasm. Read up on Stac Electronics, maker of Stacker a hard drive compression utility. Never heard of it? Read up, google is your friend.

  20. Microsoft steals thousands of lines from Apple's software source code.
    Apple threats MS with multi-billion dollar lawsuit.
    MS threats Apple with MS Office for mac removal.
    Apple surrenders and makes IE default browser.
    (even triple facepalm can't express how much they failed

  21. I feel soo old now
    I had spent a lot of time developing skills just to operate my pc
    so that i could use stuff like wmp outlook quicktime etc
    now we just take our swipe touch youtube app in our pocket for granted

  22. Almost like a nuclear arms race in the cold war us and ussr .. but instead of nuclear weapons its multi billion law suits threatening the demise of each company, so they forcefully come to a deal to somewhat bury the hatchet.
    That to me is how it would seem to be if you just break it down in one sentence. wow! battle of the giants.
    So competition is good! (otherwise you will be accused of having a monopoly)
    That is certainly one way to look at it. xD wow, amazing how things turn out to be at times.

  23. I like how a lot of people are like "If it weren't for Microsoft Apple would be bankrupt", but let's not forget that without Apple there would be no such thing as home computing, Apple was the first to come out with a point-and-click interface, Microsoft just copied them, that's Microsoft does, copy other people, Their software, their consoles, etc, not bashing Microsoft and praising Apple here, but I just can't stand these one-sided arguments that PC Elitists put out, both are great companies that were critical in tech industry, neither is better than the other, one innovates, and the other improves.

  24. Is this mumble rap? Or is the voice-over dude falling asleep the whole time? And blow your nose before talking.

  25. @jamescla aka @Technology Reviewed
    come on friend! the title wasn't 'misleading', even if one concedes that the clip was short. Probably not that comprehensive but good nonetheless.
    I, personally, came here for the vintage footage and nature of THIS channel 🙂
    [Spoiler: am a fool who was a curious teen back in the 1990s, in Bharat (India) who was fortunate to have his own computer (royal 486 costing more than an iPhone XX) before consumer Internet came to Bharat/India in 1995]
    I happened to already see this other video (from Business Casual) uploaded within a fortnight of this/present video by Michael MJD ji
    those who fancy catching further titbits can watch it >> [How Microsoft Saved Apple (And Why They Did It)] by Business Casual
    though at under 10 minutes, even THAT is rather modest and there still is truckloads of snippets and background information on the epic moves by Microsoft and it's promoters to get clear of a class action suit.
    one wonders what might have happened had they (Microsoft/ promoters) had held on to their investments or had them converted to normal shares/ swapped and seen this boom in the past 4-5 years. #gosh
    much respect and wishes to Michael MJD ji fr introducing a whole generation to some lost treasures and to a different era.
    (and/or reintroducing it to those who did live and breathe through that era too). 🙂

  26. Even though I'm an apple user and I know apple would've gone out of business if it wasn't for Microsoft but I still think google is better

  27. Wait a sec, but didnt IE for Mac had completely different engine to Ei for windows? It was reasong to drop support for Mac at some point – they got tired of supporting it.

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