How Bernie Sanders is winning the Internet

The 2016 campaign is under way – Hillary Clinton: “I’m running for president” – and it’s pretty clear who’s leading in
internet sharing. So how do you become the president of the
internet? Well, you say what you think, and you give
no f***s about the consequences. George Stephanopoulous:”I can hear the Republican
attack ad right now – ‘he wants America to look more Scandanavia.'” Sanders: “And what’s wrong with that? In those
countries, health care is a right of all people, in those countries college education, graduate
school is free. Retirement benefits, childcare are stronger than in the United States of
America.” Bernie Sanders is running as a democrat, but
he’s really like a Scandanavian social democrat. Not a USSR socialist. But he’s a guy who believes
that free markets should be really sharply curtailed by expensive public services. Even
if it means very high tax rates. There’s not that many politicians who stand
up for this so frankly. Or who don’t really care about raising money from rich people. Sanders: “This great nation and its government
belong to all of the people, and not to a handful of billionaires.” And the public really does agree with a lot
of his positions. People are with him on labor law reform. They’re with him on raising the
minimum wage. They agree with him that the rich pay too little in federal taxes. And
Sanders is the guy who launched a one-man filibuster to try to stop the Bush tax cuts. Sanders: “…giving tax breaks to millionaires
and billionaires who don’t need it.” There’s even a new poll indicating that over
50% of likely voters might agree with Sanders about the merits of a completely government
run health care system. Still, Sanders isn’t quite poised to capture
the White House. So even if relatively few Americans agree with all of Sanders’ views,
they agree strongly enough to like it all on Facebook, to upvote it all on reddit. Six months ago, if Bernie Sanders had started
talking about free college tuition, nobody would have covered it. But because people
saw how much enthusiasm there was about some of his earlier statements, lots of people, and every website I know, wrote about it. The American party system is unusual around
the world. We have just two parties representing over 300 million people. Canada has about
a tenth that population, but there are five parties in its parliament. Israel’s tiny but
they have 10 parties in their legislature. Sanders: “People are frustrated and angry
about a two party system which is dominated by big money, and which does not pay attention
to the needs of working people, or elderly people, or poor people.” This is how Bernie Sanders is winning the
internet. He’s not speaking in the bland, lowest common denominator model of most presidential
candidates. He’s like a third party candidate, who just happens to be running inside the
Democratic party. Which is literally what he’s doing.

100 thoughts on “How Bernie Sanders is winning the Internet

  1. Everything I've seen is against Trump and most people support Bernie, yet it's Trump that's leading the polls. Is Trump's advantage exaggerated? Or is he actually going to win even though his views are highly raci- cough erm controversial…

  2. It's about the corruption and inequality- it's about corporate greed, it's about an all but disappeared middle class. So taxes get raised- at least we'll be getting something for it besides the shaft. Universal Health Care means no premiums, no co-pay, no deductible. Huge savings right there. The middle class tax rate will go up, but won't be as high as the wealthy's. People and corporations will be taxed on the amount they make. The middle and working poor will pay a much lower percentage than the filthy rich. What middle or working poor class person do you know that makes billions of dollars a year? You don't. They don't exist. Never did. Never will. Plenty of corporations make billions a year though and guess what, even if the tax rate for them goes up to 70% which it won't, they'd still be rich and I'm ok with them being rich. Just pay your F*cking taxes. I don't mind extremely wealthy people or corporations, and no corporations are not people, what I mind is them buying my government. Greedy bastards.

  3. Worth $500,000 dollars, upper middle class. Alright I'll trust a richer man then me to help me.

    All I hear from him is taxes and less freedoms.

  4. i like bernie but i don't really give a shit cuz im not american
    no matter who gets elected just don't start nuclear war k?

  5. bernie may be winning the internet. But the 2 demographics that use the internet the least, blacks and women over the age of 50, are essentially giving hillary this nomination.

    Bernie wants to win? He needs to somehow reach people who still get their informaion from bought out shill mainstream media.

  6. Also the internet is not only American, but polls are. So Sanders gets way more support online because he agrees with a lot of other countries, but within the US, only some agree with him.

  7. I love this video, especially the part where bernie sanders is literally his own little part inside a democratic one.

  8. are you kidding me bernie sanders stinks he would be a horrible president trump says what he thinks but know vox is liberals and he'll talk about this old man that is a socialist communist! CRUZ 4 PREZ

  9. I think it's just that on the Internet Europeans and people outside The USA can express their views about him (which seems to be very positive) while they can't vote in primaries or elections since they aren't American.

  10. Raising minimum wage would utterly ruin small businesses and significantly hurt larger companies. So if you want Bernie to win kiss your iPhone good-bye.

  11. Bernie for President! Why is the U.S. confined to a two party political system? Why don't you have more political parties which would be a better representation of ALL the people? For such a large country there seems to be very little evidence of people power. But, in case you don't realize it, while it may be a democratic republic in name, the U.S. is actually a plutocracy.

  12. scandinavia is broke and people are losing jobs everyday, and their countries are flooded with muslims, hell no if I want that here. Stay calm be free and say no to socialism!

  13. please get your facts straight. in America there are 8 parties with state representation. 5 MAJOR parties which includes" Democratic, republican, libertarian, green and constitution party. There are 30 minor active parties, including communist party and socialist workers party.
    THE ONLY REASON it has come to this dual party nomination, is because of independent funding. Which means people at some point in history used to vote for minor parties, but now they've realized their votes will be invain, so they vote either republican or democratic as they are the two forces on each side of the wing. so if you rather would vote for green party you could. and it is listed in the ballot, but most people know that that would be like throwing away your vote, so people who would actually like to vote for the green party, vote for the Democratic party instead, because the democratic is at least slightly closer to their values than the republican. IT's a bit more complicated, but there are way more parties in America than anywhere else on earth.

  14. Since the 1800's free public education has been the forefront of agenda for USA. It is clear that the editors and writers are not particularly educated on these fundamental issues enough to portray a balanced position. However this type of bias and ignorance is not what is annoying. What is annoying is that they try to pass of this edgy new age kind of vibe when really their positions are that of a central/conservative media outlet that is funded by folks that represent some of the worst cases for mankind.

  15. The difference between taxes in the US and taxes in the rest of the civilized world is that the rest of the world actually reaps benefits from the taxes they pay. There is no reason that US citizens pay nearly as much as France and never see a return. With almost the same amount, France provides free Healthcare, better public education, free higher education, payed maternity leave etc. The US instead spends 60% of our taxes on excessive military spending.

  16. Why didn't Bernie win? Because Americans love a "winner," and it's only about who they perceive as a winner. So much in fact, they're willing to sacrifice their own well being in order to create this winner. They endlessly toil just for a chance at befriending the school yard bully, even though he beats them up for money whenever he feels like it. I know it's kind of a paradox, but America wants/needs a bully to tell them what to do in their imaginary war they call life.

  17. Bernie was so reasonable in his ideas yet so many republicans and democrats alike were afraid that he was going to take things to a communist level. What's so wrong with looking at what other countries do right and taking them to America, trust me, I would know, I'm from Denmark which is where he often says he wants America to be more like. High taxes and raising the minimal wage bridges the gap of poverty, making people feel more connected and alike, making the entire political situation more peaceful and less tense.

  18. And he lost.

    I weep for this country. Except I'm not actually weeping because I don't waste tears on the incredibly stupid.

  19. Don't mean to get off topic but what's the name of the song in the background? Sounds real Grooovvvy!!!!!!

  20. "A government belongs to all people not just a handful of billionaires" but also not just a handful of unions. There is probably never going to be a honest politician. Trump might be the closest to one.

  21. What you don't mention about multi-party systems is that the progressive vote often times becomes scattered.

  22. This video is SUCH A HOAX! Trumps approval is higher than Obummers was and Burn eeee only appeals to young clueless nitwits. He has no support from anybody except leftists.

  23. See "Senator Bernie Sanders" channel updates on what Sen. Sanders (apparently one of the only non-corrupt politicians of our time) is currently doing.

  24. This ahole ( Sanders) can pay more taxes if he wanted, no one is stopping him but forcing others to pay for his socialist ideas is IMMORAL!

  25. What young people just don't get is that it's no evil billionaires who are choking the middle class; it's ideologues like Sanders, who has stated on multiple occasions that he will raise taxes on everyone, including the middle class.

  26. just look at Bernie district 30 years what has he done ? it's the top ten worst place to live at. if you can't fix your own district your going to be president

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