Horrifying Internet Websites You Should Avoid At All Cost

Right now, you are just one click away from
something creepy or absolutely terrifying. There are many websites devoted to death,
destruction, and horrors that once you visit you may never be the same. We have taken it upon ourselves to warn you
of the dangers and what sites you should avoid if you can. That is, if you want peace of mind, let alone
to ever sleep again. Listen closely to our advice on this episode
of The Infographics Show, Horrifying Internet Websites You Should Never Visit. 10. Homicide.igarape.org.br Would you like to see a map that shows where
murders occurred around the globe? There’s a website for that. While the sources of data vary by year, it’s
still a very eye-opening resource for what actually took place in the not too distant
past. And it’s far from pretty. Upon entering the site, you can pick a country
from a drop-down menu and find out how many died there as well as the weapon used and
the gender breakdown of the victims. Colors of the map also vary by area. A light yellow indicates a low rate of homicides. The places that are dark red, however, are
regions where alarming numbers of people were murdered. 9. Goodbyewarden.com
This site gives the last things 540 inmates executed in the state of Texas ever said. The collection begins in the year 1982. Some of the words are heart wrenching, like
when they ask for someone to take care of their children. Others disturbingly insist that they are innocent. It is particularly creepy when a quote ends
with telling the Warden to go ahead or that they are ready. We all know what happened next. 8. Worldbirthsanddeaths.com
Want to know if someone’s dying right this minute? Of course you don’t. But there’s a website that will tell you
just the same. If there is a death anywhere around the world
you’ll see a red dot on the exact location. With the dot the city and country or state
will be indicated. If you unselect birth indicators on the map
it looks even more ominous. Then again, if you consider just how many
people are being born that is also scary. They’ve included the increasing world’s
population at the top which seems to never stop moving. Just watching it makes us feel uneasy. 7. USDebtClock.org
Are you feeling secure at the moment? Well don’t. According to USDebtClock.org the world is
basically approaching financial ruin. You can watch the mind-blowing rate at which
countries around the world are falling further and further into levels of debt that are simply
unbelievable. Some of the numbers change so quickly you
can’t even focus on them before they change again. The US is currently over $22 trillion in the
hole and that’s gone up thousands in the few minutes we’ve been looking. But then there’s Japan’s at $11 trillion,
China at $9 trillion, and the UK at around $3.5 trillion momentarily. This combined with the last website’s population
growth is even more terrifying. And it looks like they’ll only continue
to increase from there. 6. Thebulletin.org’s Doomsday Clock
So, we’ve already pointed out humanity’s increasing population as well as debt, but
if you’re still feeling hopeful for some reason, think again. There is a Science and Security Board attached
to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists that studies various depressing statistics. Based on these it has created the Doomsday
Clock. The clock’s ticking lets us know just how
close we are to destroying our planet due to problems of our own invention. Now, let’s mention that this Board is not
made up of just anybody but people who know what they’re talking about. It includes scientists and experts on climate
change and nuclear weaponry. These are the same people who advise the government
and various world-wide agencies. First created in 1947, the Doomsday Clock
has been reset multiple times. Mankind’s future looked the most promising
back in 1991. This was when the Cold War had ended and the
clock’s hand was an only somewhat nerve-wracking 17 minutes to midnight, or the end of life
as we know it. Since, it has gotten a bit bleaker. It went from 6 minutes to midnight in 2010
to just two-and-a-half in 2017, and now it’s 2 minutes as of 2018. The reason it’s nearing is things like the
increasing threat of nuclear weapons and climate change which puts humans in quite a perilous
position. 5. 1945-1998 by Isao Hashimoto. This can be found on the ctbto.org website. Isao Hashimoto worked for the financial industry
but studied the arts in addition to policy and management. He made a terrifying video that can be found
on the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization website. It condenses one month into the span of a
second to show the 2,053 nuclear explosions that were carried out around the world in
its title’s timeframe. There are deeply disturbing beeping sounds
in the background as you watch it that put your nerves on edge. Believe it or not this video, while freaky
enough already, doesn’t even include the explosions conducted by North Korea. Who knows how many more that would be. 4. Outrider.org’s What Happens in a Bomb Blast
If our last website didn’t hit close enough to home, we have an even freakier one for
you here. When you go to the outrider.org website and
click on the nuclear weapons challenge and then on the question “What Happens in a
Bomb Blast?” you’ll get some seriously scary information. Select the Use My Location button on the following
screen and you will discover what exactly would take place if a nuclear bomb detonated
right where you are sitting. How’s that for comforting? First, you’ll see a map with the pinpointed
site and a red, orange, and yellow burst will radiate from it. It will then list the number of projected
fatalities and injuries if a real nuclear bomb were to have exploded. If you decide to explore the blast effects,
you’ll also see how large of an area the fireball, radiation, shock wave, and heat
will impact. 3. Exitmundi.nl/exitmundi.htm
Believe it or not, there are so many more ways the world could end than by nuclear catastrophe. Many different scenarios are available for
you to select from on the Exit Mundi website. For example, if you select the WHAMMO! option
you can read in detail about what would happen in the event of a large space rock coming
into contact with our planet. In this description it even mentions how in
1998 we were almost hit by a huge comet that wasn’t even noticed until it had already
passed. That’s right, since it was coming head on
and at us directly it just looked like a tiny little spot and not a huge moving object going
left to right or right to left. We recommend not going to this website at
any time, but especially not at night. 2. Rare, unedited recordings of the 67 Exorcisms
of Annaliese Michel on Midnightinthedesert.com. So far, we’ve discussed things that either
are or could be happening to us or our planet. But, we’re telling you right now there is
something even more scary and disturbing in other worldly things. Take, for example, the recordings of a woman
who many believe was possessed by demons and you can listen to her horrifying screams during
her exorcisms. She had 67 of these recordings. There are approximately an hour and a half
of these disturbing audio recordings. True, they are mostly in German, but you don’t
have to understand what is being said to be scarred for life by her inhuman screaming. 1. Chriskta.chez.com/webcam.htm
Don’t believe in ghosts? Well there’s a way to prove yourself wrong
with this live cam link supposedly set up in the Catacombs of Paris. This is where the bones of millions were moved
from graveyards starting in 1786. In other words, if there’s a place with
a high chance of spotting a ghost, this would absolutely be it. Looking at the screen, you can clearly see
what appears to be a dark tunnel with graffiti on the wall. It claims that you will be able to view people
walking around from time to time and asks that if you are such a tourist and spot the
camera to give it a wave. Since there are literally hundreds of miles
of tunnels, though only approximately a mile is open to the public, finding it will be
no easy task. And a view in the dead of night might just
show some kind of spirit waving instead. And really, ghost or not, how freaky is it
that you are peering into the Catacombs of Paris? But for those not freaked out enough, they
can peer in much, much closer. In fact, they can go on a virtual tour of
the area. To do this, do a Google Map search for the
Catacombs of Priscilla. Once the page has loaded, click the photo
of an archway that appears. Then select 360 degree view. And there you go, you can wander around the
Catacombs at your leisure from anywhere on earth as long as you have an Internet connection
and nerves of steel. So, tell us, what was the scariest internet
website you have ever been on? Was it scarier than the ones we mentioned? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Scary Internet Website You Should Never Visit Thanks for watching, and, as always,
don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

100 thoughts on “Horrifying Internet Websites You Should Avoid At All Cost

  1. OK, maybe I'm weird, but I actually think most of these sites sound actually pretty freaking cool?
    Like I was expecting some messed up stuff but most of these sites are about statistics and predictions of things that while eerie and concerning, are at the same time interesting and cool.
    Honestly what I got from the video was a list of interesting sites to visit if I'm ever bored XD

  2. These are just analytic websites showcasing controversial things, a disturbing website would be liveleak where u can see people being gored alive or shot

  3. US Debt Clock is something I've kept an eye on since 2016. And it truly is scary how in the red so many things – in the US – are right now.

  4. My social studies teacher pulled up the count world debt on on the list and it counted homeless and it was at like 500 million on kid said I couldn’t read the board but it’s really scary
    At that was at the time who knows now
    I felt like crying I’ll never even think of going there myself

    If you wanna know why she pulled it up a kid asked if the u.s. is in debt

  5. Nothing is more scary than what humans are willing to do to one another when they're under truly intense pressure. Self preservation is a powerful catalyst.

  6. I've been to the catacombs in Rome, mildly creepy but the small shop out of the catacombs selling Christian things ruined the mood for me

  7. What I don't get about debt counters is that if we owe a trillion dollars to the UK and the UK owes a trillion dollars to us, wouldn't you just cancel them out? I mean, yes, the debt must be to specific organizations and private businesses but you would think that somewhere down the line the governments would be able to reshuffle money and debt without much issue. Maybe I'm making it out to be too simple.

  8. i was actually hoping to see other suggestions
    to sites but like usual its just abuncha
    punks born sometime after the 2000's writting unnesessary comments
    for likes

  9. The catacombs webcam link looks fake/gone.
    The directions tell you to refresh the page to refresh the webcam, but it's the same image file every time.

  10. that last one sounds pretty cool live view from inside the catacombs; is it the well known paris catacombs or a different one?

  11. The scariest one I have ever seen was some years ago a site called "ElWater" there you were able to see videos and images of homicides, suicides and all atrocities imaginable, some months later it was taken down

  12. Dooms day clock "from people who know what they're talking about" yet has been reset several times 😂 who are these people who know what they're talking about? Definitely not infographics 😂

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