Harmony Ultimate: Hub and Mini-Blaster Placement Tips

In this video, we will show you the best placement
for your hub and mini-blasters when in use with your Harmony Ultimate. If the hub and mini-blaster are not positioned
correctly, your devices will not turn on and off or perform other commands as expected. You might have a setup where your devices
are in closed cabinets. If you do, place your hub and mini-blasters on different shelves
in line with the front of your entertainment devices. Now, lets go over some common positioning
tips. #1: Make sure your mini-blasters are not to
the side of your devices but directly in front of them.
#2: Make sure there is enough room for the signal to bounce off the doors or the front
panel of the cabinet. #3: The hub should be positioned on top of
one of the devices. Or, when using two mini-blasters in a closed cabinet setting, the hub needs
to be placed outside of the cabinet to control all exposed devices. Finally, when using your hub in a closed cabinet
you also have the ability to control your TV using the remote, in direct line of sight. Once your television is assigned to your remote
the Harmony app can no longer control your television via the hub. With the proper placement of your hub and
mini-blasters, you are now ready to effectively use your Harmony remote.

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