48 thoughts on “Hands-free control of a Sony TV with Google Home

  1. Barely works with my 900e. Doesnt turn off and doesnt play netflix. 'Sorry, I cant play netflix on android tv,' 'Sorry something went wrong.'

  2. How can you turn the tv on and off? Google Home says it doesn't recognize tv, but it will turn on my tv when I request it to play videos on youtube. Missing update? I know there was an update for google home in October to enable this, but shouldn't Sony bravia tvs get this? Not working on my 930e. Doesn't make sense. Please get your act together sony!

  3. Trying to turn on and off my Sony xbr65x850e with home mini. Is that command not supported or what? Someone help me out.

  4. I played this video at a low volume and Google Home responded to every command it heard in this video, but did by Sony TV respond to Google Home? Noooooooooooooooo!

  5. From my experience and everything I've researched, this video is a lie. My 900xe, which I bought specifically to integrate into Google home, doesn't do any of this.

    This video is a blatant bald faced lie, do not fall for it.

  6. That looks great, but in the real world it seems to be impossible to connect Google Home to a Sony TV. I suggest you google "Sony Bravia with Google Home" before you spend any money on either.

  7. How do I get Google Home to turn on and off my Sony 900 TV? I've been using a Belkin outlet, but not sure if that is bad for the TV or not.

  8. Is there a way to switch off a sony sound base (ht-xt3) with Google Home? If i say to google home to play some music, it switches on the sound base and plays music on it, but when i say google stop, the sound base doesn't switch off. I tryed to say "ok google, switch off the sound bar", but it's not working..

  9. Sony and Google should be ashamed! This does NOT work on my X9300d! What a joke both companies are. Returning my Sony tv

  10. What the hell, Sony, you let Google Home control everything about the TV except turning it on and off? Literally the only thing I actually wanted the google home to do. So I could turn on the TV without a remote. How is that the ONLY voice command that's not available?

  11. This video is almost a total lie. Google home does not work with external google assistant devices. It's only fully integrated if you have the google assistant powered remote.

  12. This is a lie, I have an android tv bravia and had to buy a chromecast because the built-in one wasn't detected by google home.

  13. It will turn on only if it is YouTube or YouTube TV. You can only turn on the TV on and off if you have a Chromecast to an HDMI that has the CEC setting enable. Now this will turn the TV but you still need the remote to access Netflix if you have a Chromecast, and command are sent from GH but if the TV has a Google assistant you can take it from there and play what you please.

  14. I have a xbr-65x850d and Google home. I have never been able to do any of these things. It used to turn the TV on when I would tell it to play Netflix. But it will not turn on if I just ask it to turn on and also adjusting TV volume doesn't work. Nothing really works

  15. Hey Google, what a load of B**LS**T. Does not work with a Sony TV with internal Chromcast. How about prodding your developers to actually make this work? Amazon made theirs work, why can't you? Infact I am going to bin my stand alone Chromecast too. How's that?

  16. Sony and Google really should be embarrassed about this poor quality integration between Google Home and the Sony Bravia. Lack of foresight in protocol design I think. I'm also surprised that no software fixes have come out in the last year, come on guys – it's kind of a big deal. I find it hard to blame Google, since they are driving this development – but some quality control on other vendor's implementations is obviously in order.

  17. I have a Sony A1E and so far here is what I can do with the google home mini.
    -Can command "hey google play [any program] on my tv…" e.g PBS channel, Fox news, you tube, Rihana… and the tv will automatically turn on and play the program. However, you I must have "Bravia Sync Setting" > "Bravia Sync Control" and "TV auto power on" active.
    -Can command "hey google volume 10"
    Still learning

  18. It worked in the beginning, with youtube and spotify. Netflix did not work. But now it doesnt work on all apps anymore.
    It says there is no chromecast found in my house.. i just switched off both while writing this and its working again.. i found out that if you play something for a long time, it loses its connection..

  19. Turn on Sony Android TV with chromecast built in. Here is a work around I managed to put together to get it working on Sony Android TV with chromecast built in. https://youtu.be/axj45IBkISg All you need is Google Home and IFTTT

  20. With recent update, google home voice control of YouTube is no longer working. It is freezing on the YouTube logo and not proceeding to play the requested content. This is not working on Sony TV… still work on chrome cast and other devices… just google home to Sony TV.. kernel 3.10.79 and YouTube version 2.03.06/a45e8d91.
    Sony, please look into this as it is on your Sony TV side.

  21. "OK Google, turn on/off the tV" and other commands for the TV finally work on my XD700 with Chromecast built-in following a firmware update

  22. Works on my Sony XBR-65850d and it has chromecast built in. I was playing this video and it started my google home and it changed the tv to the requested video.

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