1. I'm gonna have to go with the avenger, I like being able to order it off of services with my ceo when I do resupply missions for my bunker, I know I’m weird because I don’t pay for supply’s, but I just prefer it that way, I ca do things in a game that’s just really boring nowadays

  2. People are saying avenger is better, but there isn’t any actual use for it. The terrorbyte lets you run businesses from anywhere, allowing you to earn a lot more money

  3. Avenger has seats in the back besides the guns, there at also about 4 useless seats on the side in the front where the small exit door is.

  4. I like my avenger better. I can fly high enough to get away from any ground threat and it takes a MK2 forever to get to my altitude, giving plenty of time to take them out with canons. Also, this video said seats 5, but it seats 10. It has 5 usable jumpseats in the rear.

  5. Everyone says the Avenger is better but the terrobyte can do so much more than it. Terrobyte is the best thing to be added to GTA.

  6. Even the Rhino tank in it's prime days was capable of resisting to 20 RPGs.
    And a fucking truck takes 34 to be destroyed.
    Get the fuck outta here, Rockstar !

  7. Avenger actually Has no use, at some point
    I own it, it's powerful, it's good, BUT
    It Has no unique options. It's still very useful, but it doesn't have that much of a use, compared to Terrorbyte
    When I first bought it, I used it for everything. But after getting Opressor MK2, it Has no use for me, expect mass destruction

  8. Well done. You have shown everything i needed to know.
    Didn't expect the poletest, which convinced me to buy the avenger.

  9. Avenger is air superiority and can upgrade weaponized cars
    Terrorbyte is for grinding cash, upgrading oppressor mk2 and ground strength

  10. Avenger: more fun to mess around in with friends and more armoured
    Terrorbyte: a lot better for making money, still fun to go around in

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