100 thoughts on “GTA 5 ONLINE : RPG VS RPG (WHAT WILL HAPPEN?)

  1. What the hell man if you hit an rpg in gta san andreas it will reflect to random direction but in gta v you if collide man they dont reflect

  2. Get ready for that casino dlc cuz I’m coming straight to your channel to see which is the fastest car

  3. I request…. Could you do it? (My nickname is nongsim budaejigaeramen)
    Principe devest eight VS Ocelot XA-20
    Could you do this?

  4. OneSpot what mod do you use to make NPCs work like you want them to? Please let me know : )
    I really want to make a film, have a great idea in my mind too.

  5. I still remember when the RPG rocket has some physics to it & can be affected by bullets, namely the minigun…

  6. 玩GTA也能賺錢❤
    一天1000 五天5000💘
    免費🎉 來詢問
    想了解+ LINE詢問:tun57958(樂芙)小姐

  7. Mano faz mas vídeo em português sou muito seu fã só que não entendo nada por causa do ingles

    Se vc quer saber o que eu escrevi é so fazer isso
    -translater from brazilian portuguse to your language

  8. Just a reminder, after killing someone make sure you run because if the gun falls from their dying hands it could fire on impact with the ground and potentially kill you.

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