1. Se a Hakuchou Drag enpinasse seria muito loko, mas já que ela não tem essa habilidade, eu prefiro a Hakuchou normal, porque ela quase que se iguala na velocidade e é mais barata do que a Hakuchou Drag

  2. The point of a stretched bike is so you can't power wheelie, that's why it's the drag race variant, more power can be put on the rear wheel, making it faster than a normal sportbike

  3. Why didn’t you do Hakuchou drag lean forward vs Hakuchou wheelie because realistically that’s what players are gunna do

  4. The hakuchou drag maybe the fastest bike currently for drag racing but it's it's horrible turns I can't really break as well so you're going to be in a bad situation if you can't slow down or turn fast enough and we all know that ia like hitting you off your bike so I would suggest the hakuchou drag it turns well not really bad brakes

  5. All car guys are bashing "oh it's not worth it…. It's just a inch longer…aah ahh….I hate this…waste of money" you noobs this bike has a special place in bikers heart just like Supra has in car guys heart…

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