1. For everyone that says Pyro sucks, I tested it and found out: Pyro is the fastest plane in the game, has the best agility, infinite missile capacity, infinite rate of fire and seats 2 people

  2. B-11 stileforce because it can win a fight against any other jet with explosive rounds, it can be outturned by a starling or pyro depending on the pilot but it would take so long to be destroyed you could just fly back to your hangar if you start smoking 🤣🤣

  3. Everyone was probably B-11 but when they bought it . they realized it was the most dissapointing plane of all time. Trash cannon (which is understandable). LIMITED HOMING MISSILES. WTF, and limited barrage missiles (understandable). And its slow asf , only thing thats ok is its has decent mobility and its very durable. Recommend buying the pyro. The B-11 is not worth the price

  4. A good idea would be to test aircraft against others. It would be more accurate if the plane is a dog fighter, like the pyro and A-10. Sure, it would be more work and I know is kinda greedy coming from someone like me who doesn’t have a computer or know how to edit but the tests would be accurate and people would know the power of certain planes against others

  5. The explosive resistance test is in inaccurate cause is a player is in a vehicle it can withstand more damage

  6. I destroyed a b11 with a Hunter is really easy to take down a b11 even with a khanjali I destroyed 2 b11

    Also everyone forgot that the pyro can take 2 people :V

  7. One tip for people who have explosive sniper if b11 attacks you,you just need to aim your sniper to tail or left or right wing if u hit then it will be very hard for b11 pilot to control plane

  8. One is a ground attack the other is a bomber which is better ground attack duh that cannon is meme quality

  9. These tests make it seem like the b11 is way better in ever class, 1v1 with my bf last night with me in the pyro and i beat him every time, unless we crashed into eachother which was more common than beating him, still didnt lose once though

  10. I once told my friends that I'm going to buy an A-10 Thunderbolt II (in GTA online). They are confused, so I told them "I mean, the B-11 StrikeForce" . They finally know that B-11 is based on A-10 Thunderbolt II

  11. I have both I can tell you that the pyro is better at dogfights it's the most agile jet the second is the starling then the b11 and the Lazer at last
    Pyros guns aren't that bad just bc it isn't a explosive cannon or mg it doesn't mean ist bad it can destroy a Lazer in less than 2 seconds and about the speed it's the fastest jet in the game even when the b11 is on the limits of the sky the pyro is still faster
    Plus you can carry 2 people and is easy to land

  12. The B-11 and Pyro are on par if you ask me when it comes to maneuverability.

    I, a B-11 pilot, had a dogfight with a pyro with the result ending in a draw (we both crashed). He got me a few times which caused my engine to smoke and i got him a few times aswell, which caused him to smoke too. This was all happening at LSIA, no missiles, just bullets, all happening below maze bank height*

    *this info is important because, for those who dont know, the B-11s speed increases drastically when its flying higher than the maze bank towers height

  13. B11: 1 hoaming hit = controls are dead, the only jet with missile limitations, only carrying 30, nearly useless cannons, you cant air-grownd with them because splash damage is unbeliavely small, if he is in the 100 feet above level (the sweetspot for plane/jets high speed) he is still slower than a hydra in low altitude, an ass to land, his only pros are the barrage missiles that can erase an avenger in 2 swipes, being an ok dogfighter and the brrrrrrrrrrrt sound, the only things that are good with this aircraft
    Pyro: fastest airplane on the game, it can evade every kind of missile (excluding molotok ones) by just going straight in the sweetspot, an ok to good dogfighter, having infinite missiles, it can kill opressors mk2s, only these stats beat the b11, have a good day

  14. If you’re a really good pilot and you know very well how to evade homing missiles, and like a good fighter jet for dogfights, I recommend you to get either the Lazer or Hydra, I personally prefer the Hydra since it’s faster(just give it some time) than the Lazer, has hover or VTOL which can be used as a helicopter 😂. Besides it’s easier to manage and handle.
    And if there’s any rat on a Oppressor Mk. 2 just evade them, wait for their missiles to run out, and destroy them either with your H.M. Or with your explosive rounds.

  15. B11 and Pyro are both good but the b11 is much more skillfull , that’s the reason why the most b11 pilots sucks against a pyro but if it’s a good pilot you are reckt xD

  16. Even though the b11 technically has more armour it actually takes less than the pyro. Since one explosion makes it almost impossible to fly. The pyro however doesn't really fall out of the sky until it explodes or if you stay in the air for a while.

  17. If there was a test to see which one can battle the mark 2 better pyro would win. The b11 is to slow and has to be really high to avoid missiles and when you are fighting the mark 2s you will not be very high.

  18. IMO the B11 is for the noobs that have no experience in planes and manipulating dog fights so the B11 always wins.

    It has limited missiles, but it’s still OP because it practically has explosive cannons and even bombs, and countermeasures

    The machine guns on the Pyro are as powerful as Explosive cannons, they just don’t explode. If you shoot at another jet with the pyro for 2 seconds, it’s gonna start smoking and eventually the engine will break

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