100 thoughts on “GET FREE TV with this AMAZING ANTENNA HACK!

  1. I would like one of these actually hookups for three tv’s but can’t afford it and we live in the woods surrounded by forest but I would love to try them! Nothing else works we get nothing out here!

  2. I use a bent paperclip antenna and picked up twice as many channels as the $100 Walmart 100 mile antenna. All channels are HD now-a-days!

  3. How many channel do this antenna has Is it very clear to see anything like cable does it have telemundo univision cine mundo how much is it I hope I could win it Mr deal

  4. I watched your review and ordered this antenna and it does get a lot of channels I have the antenna sitting by a window and I have at least 50 + channels

  5. It also depends on where you are in the state, not everyone can get 20+ channels! Here we get 17 digital channels we can watch, and 5 that are audio only!

  6. Mine is FREE !!! I can get 16+ Channels using 2 Steak Knives or 10 Roach Clips !!! Anyone curious how to make it, ask!

  7. Hey Matt, always liked when you were on in Cleveland. I bought an outdoor HDTV antenna for super cheap that has a 150 mile radius. I have yet to use.

  8. He is in the city of Toronto. A coat hanger will get all the local channels in HD. All channels are broadcasting in HD, and there's no such thing as an HD antenna. DUH

  9. I bought one of the flat ones, but it can't find any channels. I am disappointed, and wish I hadn't wasted my money.

  10. My old outdoor tv antenna works just fine. 20+ HD channels for free. Coupled with unlimited internet for $25/month. Beats any cable or satellite fee that I know of. Anyways these little antennas work really well when close to a broadcast antenna. But put some space between you and broadcast antenna, and you'd be lucky to get one channel. My brother bought in outdoor antenna for $100 that he mounted to his house and was able to pick up signals from Toronto to Detroit. To each their own. HAGD!!

  11. I just want to say this. I've spend upwards of $350 on an antenna. Mounted it on my roof, ran nessicary cables.. blah blah blah. A metal hanger wrapped around RG6 coax works best. Save your money

  12. Where are the channels in the thumbnail; B.S…..You're antenna ain't much different than the $30 antenna's already available. Sitchoscamminassdownsomewhere!!!


  14. Look after he hooked up everthing & tv scan the channels he only got were like 4 channles & 6 blank screens channles !!!!!!!

  15. I used to pay for my pay-tv in my local area, can this antenna hack this pay-tv channels for free instead of having it pay every month subscription that I use to pay $75.

  16. Free TV, yup. The hack seems to be – Advertise Free on Youtube with link to Amazon to get commission from someone else's item

  17. Hi the deal guy. I need that in black . Laptop and printer iPhone & apple watch series 4 can use in pool.

  18. I just bought an RCA HDTV and CBC and Radio-Canada broadcast in 720p. Global and Citytv are in 1080i.

    The only way to get 4K is maybe by satellite or BluRay DVD.

  19. Do You Know Of The Store 5 Below? They Make A Window Antenna And It Works Great In My FL Concrete House! (It’s only 5 Bucks!)

  20. these type of videos are just trying to reinvent the wheel. there is no such thing as an HD/4K antenna. what channels can be received depends on the signal strength and the antennas location on receiving the signal

  21. If you want to get the best possible signal you probably will need to mount it outside as high as possible. If I'd be getting 4 channels I would go up to the roof with it and temporarily test it there.

  22. Love your VIDEOS. it is not only about the deals, it is how you represent them professionally and Fun to watch. Would it work at camp where you have lots of trees? I know the previous owner had satellite dish.

  23. Lol that antenna says its for 4k…. clearly the target audience is idiots. "How to enjoy free television on a dime" ummm…. then its not free is it?

  24. I wish this was true. I have 6 antennas one that cost 100 dollars and I still get NADA‼I can't afford cable so I have to go through life without a tv to watch sports. So frustrating 😖😖😖

  25. It is just an antenna. A cheap one from the dollar store will give you the same results. It is not a hack; it is technology which began with the very first television. And no one hardly broadcasts in 1080P, much less 4K.

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