It’s always fun to know more about yourself during surfing like how many waves did you catch, How long is the wave, or simply how’s your condition during surfing? How the surf point looks like from the satelite? Well, GARMIN Desenct MK1 is the right smartwatch for all of this. Let me show you how to setup your GARMIN Descent MK1 for surfing Hi I’m Gemala from Wet Traveler Yes, some smartwatch already specialized on gather data for surfer like counting the waves or gives tide and waves info.
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But GARMIN Descent MK 1, is not just for surfer, it’s a dive computer equipt with GPS that also can be use
for running SUP, yoga, hiking, swimming, and many more including surfing.
I’m a surfer and also a diver, Pinneng, my partner partner is a diver to, and we make this youtube channel that focuses on outdoor
activities, especially maritime. this smart watch is very helpful in every activity Oke, now let’s do the set up for surfing activity on your Garmin Descent MK1 To start you need to install the Connect IQ store from your apps store or play store for android. Here you can find anything that you need for your MK1 watch, from the sport activity, health, games.. and Watch Faces to change the look of your screen. We already made a video that focus on how to start and change the face of your watch, just klik on the right side on this screen. Ok, now open your “Connect” application – klick the watch icon on the right top of your screen,
go to Activities and App Management – cek the Data Fields, and you will find the Surf Tracker 2 there. As this is a data field that required some specific information about the activity and needs, you need to make
some change on the setting here But sometimes, if I get wiped out and get dragged by the waves, it will count as i am riding one wave. Now go to your GARMIN Descent MK1 device.
As the most likely activity for surfing here is SUP, let’s open the SUP Go to the left middle button, hold, then go to ‘Setting’ Select with the right top button. Go to ‘Activities and Apps’, select again, and scroll down until you find the ‘SUP’ Select the ‘SUP’ and go to ‘SUP Settings’ Go to ‘Data Screen’, you need to scroll down until you find the ‘Add New’. ‘Custom Data’, choose the ‘Field 1’, Connect IQ Fields, hit the ‘Surf Tracker 2, oke.. It’s already there. Ok, once you are ready for surfing, hit the top right button, go to ‘SUP’, scroll down until you find the
‘Surf Tracker 2’, wait until the GPS circle is full – all green, and then press START. Thank you for watching this video, and don’t forget to subscribe And hit the bell icon so you won’t miss any new video in the future. also feel free to share this video to your surfing buddy that migh need the information on this video too Enjoy and have fun!

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  1. Would have been a good idea to show how to set up beach direction while on the beach. Is it nessessary at all? People wrote somewhere that it would be nessessary to do to get the accuracy right.
    Otherwise nice informative video. Thank you.

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