Free Internet – How to Get Lifetime Free Satellite Internet Access At Home BY Raturiji Technical

Subscribe to technical channel Press the Bell icon And get all the notifications first of all in Raturiji Technical Hello firends My Name is Sagar In today’s this video I am going to talk. about free Internet If I tell you to get unlimited data usage throughout life and you do not have to pay any company for it return. So do you believe it ? You mostly viewer thinking that this is not possible. But I would like to tell you that it is possible. And we are using this technology. Friends if you want to talk about technology ,then you are watching this video of me using internet. And I have uploaded YOUTUBE using internet. Difference just comes in free internet and paid internet that you have to use internet by recharging in your sim, in your dongle , in your modem , in your wi-fi. Means you have to spend money. But may I have brought the concept for you, how will you use the satellite internet for free , I will tell you later in this video . Watch this video from beginning to end ,this video will know till the end how satellite internet works. If I speak , there is no internet cable on the side of remote areas , where there is no signal and no network. And if you want to use internet there , you can not use the internet , for this satellite internet has been invented. So that you can use the internet anywhere in any corner of the world in-fact rural area . Yes friends ,satellite internet is the only way that you can provide internet anywhere in the world with the help of just one satellite. What do you need for this I tell you . First of all you need a dish antenna that will act as a trans receiver. There will be a coaxial cable in the second number , which will come from your dish antenna to your PC. And in the last scene , you need a personal laptop , after that you will have to do some basic setting with your devices and start doing your internet network. So how does it work let me tell you. Suppose: you search a website on your computer and after searching ; it will go through the wire from the computer to your dish antenna. With the dish antenna it will go into your satellite which is in space. Reflected from the satellite that is in space , it will go near a large dish antenna which is connected. From your internet , it will search within itself whether you had entered the domain of the website and after searching that website it will transmit to the satellite again. That satellite will then transmit to your dish antenna again ,the coaxial cable will come through your computer. This way the cycle goes on. So friends , there are many such companies in U.S.A which make satellite internet equipment devices and also supply in india. Just friends , sadly, its cost is very expansive and by coming to us , it becomes quite expansive by imposing tax. So we can not do it normal , but in places where there was no internet , there is very good concept for it. And this is happening there, people are are also taking advantages of internet over there. According to me, the concept of satellite internet is very good thing and friends , it is going to be popular all over the world. Yes , friends , by the end of this video , you will know how the satellite internet works and how to use it. So if you are new to this channel , please subscribe to the Raturiji technical channel. And if you are old to this channel then like , comment and share. And write in the comment that how much money pay to use the internet. So thanks for the watching video and see you in next video.

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