Formula 1: Drive To Survive Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Formula One… is all about pressure. This season,
everything is different. Coming into a new team,
new people around me… You always have doubts. I really seriously
don’t have a clue how to act. I need to adapt. The brakes, the throttle,
the feeling on the pedal. If they’re good enough,
they swim. They survive. If they’re
not good enough… If he doesn’t
want to come back, he can fuck off, both of them. Pressure just builds…
and builds… and builds. They hit each other. Fucking idiots. When you’re out,
you can be out forever. When are we getting
the Renault team jet? When you do your first podium. We want the drivers
to be heroes. Who’s your favorite driver? Whoever’s winning for us. The driver that will say,
“Fuck it. I’m going for it.” Yes, boss! Come on! -I made it!
-They needed that one. I love it. Rev it up, man. Rev it up. It’s all about being calm… …composed. I’m so fucking sorry, man. But once the lights go out… Anything can happen. Yes! Fuck! Yes!

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