Format Storage using XMeye on Win10

how format drive of your CCTV NVR remotely using XMeye on Win10 NVR=Network Video Recorder CCTV=Closed Circuit TV XMeye=cloud storage and free service system for CCTV systems that allows remote monitoring via multiple devices long story short your can view, setup, download captured video or image also format your NVR storage for now, i will share how to format your storage remotely do it using XMeye remotely, simple and save your time login to xmeye using INTERNET EXPLORER you need to register and add your NVR serial number before you can proceed once initial setup completed, you can view real time video online but in this video, i will share step by step instruction only for reformating existing NVR storage once initial setup completed, you can view or real time video online very simple and easy to manage please ignore the captcha error hehehe…. this is xmeye dashboard, you may add more than 1 NVR to your xmeye single account this is a list of your added NVR click on your NVR all your real time video will be displaying here hiding some of the video for privacy 🙂 click on DeviceCFG click on HDD Manage click on or select hard disk drive from the list click on format by click FORMAT, you will empty desire storage of your hard disk think carefully and click wisely ya!!! done…. you will get full blank storage of your NVR check your hard disk status here for more info please visit

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