For Once Sprint Got it Right! What It Means for T-Mobile 5G | Sprint 5G Coverage

yeah you saw the thumbnail right
Sprint’s 5g Network is actually pretty good you’re not gonna get that from the
numbers alone though and this is a big deal you know if you’re not on Sprint so
make sure you stick around the end to find out why hey I’m Mike and welcome to
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notifications so you don’t miss out on anything thanks to my buddy Adam Doud
the host of the Android authority and DGiT daily podcasts, I was recently able
to test out Sprint’s 5g network in downtown Chicago using a Samsung Galaxy
S 10 5g edition holy crap that’s a long name like Apple iPhone 11 pro max was
long we went all around the city testing the Network and speeds from the Chicago
Board of Trade and Federal Reserve buildings to the Magnificent Mile at the
water tower and we even went all the way down to the Shedd Aquarium and Adler
Planetarium on the museum campus of course what I did I had a rep my new
bender tube gear check out the link down below so you get something for yourself
I have shirts mugs leggings and I even made some my own phone cases make sure
you pick some up for yourself anything get help support the channel now when we
finally made it back to Union Station and start downloading a season of
Breaking Bad there’s one thing cleared us
this network is nothing to scoff at for most of this trip I remained on 5g I
didn’t drop out and even when I did drop down LTE I still had decent speeds and
great signal now what you see from the speed test is that they’re not even
close to what Verizon’s pushing out there but there’s a key difference with
Verizon and their millimeter wave 5g you have to be within line of sight of
the transmitter meaning you get like at most a block away because it doesn’t go
through anything you actually have to see it not the case of all the Sprint
sub 6 in Chicago they’re able to cover this whole area
not because they threw a ton of money at it but because they’re just able to add it
on to their LTE towers now Verizon when all shut up and take my money and
well this is what they cover look I’m never the guy to say the sprint is
getting this right but they’re getting it right the least for initial 5g
rollout they’re not coming out here with some 5GE BS or saying they got 7g okay
that last one was a joke but you get my point this gets to a lot more people on
the network in a shorter amount of time I mean what do you think would you
rather have ridiculous speeds but only here and there in the city or would you
rather have some slower speeds but it’s covered in this whole area here let me
know down in the comments I really would like to hear what you have to say here’s
what I’m most excited for though it’s not that sprint has this much coverage
already it’s not that was getting 500 Meg’s in front of the bean it’s what’s
coming and coming soon remember sprint isn’t even my carrier
I’ve been with t-mobile for almost 10 years now and they too are rolling out
their 5g like last weekend now surprisingly they went lower than Sprint
even with a 600 megahertz network but they were able to push that out nationwide
which is way ahead of what everybody else is doing right now
now according to mkbhd even the worst case 5g speeds are gonna be equivalent
to good LTE speeds and moving forward t-mobile does plan on adding millimeter
wave to their network but now how does what t-mobile’s doing tie in? well
the Sprint t-mobile merger is happening like sometime this month and they plan
on using Sprint’s network remember that I said millimeter wave 5g isn’t that
great because even though you got those ridiculously fast speeds you have to be
like really close to it so it’s kind of useless well what if you had that
t-mobile 600 megahertz network and Sprint sub 6 network well that means you
get coverage all over here but then you get even better speeds here with
Sprint’s Network and then when they start rolling out that millimeter wave
stuff to get better ridiculous speeds here and here and here and here look it
is gonna take years to get millimeter wave 5g where it needs to be but in the
meantime if you could get those people on 5g networks with 5g phones just by
doing a few tower upgrades here and there in the meantime that’s pure genius
ok it’s the exact opposite of what Verizon’s doing it’s definitely the
opposite of what AT&T is doing because you’re taking everyone putting them on
something yeah it’s not amazing but it’s faster than what they got and it covers
a bunch of people compared to you know if you live in this neighborhood in this
city then we’re not I’m going to tell you where what blocks are covered you
might give 5g want to buy this phone for it up phrase nah nah family I’m telling
you Sprint and t-mobile with this merger they’re doing it rights they’re getting
way ahead in this game but you know what that’s it for me today guys thanks again
to Adam Doud the host of DGiT Daily Android authority podcasts for inviting me
out you can check him out down in the links below make sure you tell him on
Twitter that I sent you over if you liked the video leave a like leave a
comment and as always I’ll see you in the next one

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