100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

  1. I still wonder if humanity's reach so high that our imaginations now can be true someday the big writers thinkers have so much imagination and there creations we love and not to forget our individual thoughts

  2. Anyone else not see the underground part too? There is a whole new area underneath the first level too. Each new floor unlocked added more to explore under the world

  3. Couldn't they make a single SAO server then sell nerve gear which is able to connect to the server without actually buying the game itself. It would be like slither.io, going to SAO website and connecting to the server with the nerve gear.

  4. Hey Mat, you may want to look at this again. Looxidlabs is releasing a brain controlled VR addon for the Vive right now. So this might be closer and less expensive than originally thought considering it’s a couple hundred dollars per unit.

  5. Maybe it's me, but I could believe SAO could just as well work by using the players very own mind to provide for a lot. The game does interact with them over their brain functions, so how unreasonable would it be the game only send in the basic information of the games setting and the brain makes up what it looks like based on what info is triggered.

  6. 28,500,000 units i am positive there are at least that many weebs who would get sao if it was an actual full dive vr game

  7. I don't think they would be selling it for 60 bucks, maybe without the headset, the headset could easily cost 200-300 bucks. They would need to sell about 1500-2000 copies to get their money back, and I'm sure there's way more people willing to buy this.

  8. WAAAAAAAIT A moment.

    Wasn't the Nervegear actually developed for something else THEN the game was made for it? (I think it has some info on the first volume of the light novel)

    Wasn't it enough to cover the costs?

  9. Personally im thinking that its wasn’t a failure but to reduce lag it focused on lan servers meaning more servers but smaller with people close to each other in proximity hence why all of our cast can meet each other relatively easily being so close to each other so im not doing the math but figuratively the baseline trapped 10,000 players not actually pulled out before they were trapped seeing as there must’ve been a grace period to log out. Then considering the world and then lan servers plus the hype of vrmmos players should be in the millions and the 10,000 people traps is only a small portion

  10. I have an idea Mat. You asked how big the world is?

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are becoming an increasingly important component of business, healthcare, security, government, trade, media, transportation and tourism industries and operations in China and GIS software are playing an increasing role in the way Chinese companies analyze and manage business operations.

    Not GPS, bug GIS. It is as big as earth. Also there are smaller games which are housed in smart cities. The map in-game and in reality (poor victims) are distorted in a secret fashion that internationally disperses individuals as to be out of jurisdiction.

  11. Where is the money coming from, what if people were doing this for fun and kindness out of their hearts! Like YouTuber back in the day when they did videos for fun!

  12. 4:53 EVE is life. 😁😁😁
    9:22 "The Crew" had 5000km². And there are bigger ones, that are not prozedual generated. https://youtu.be/LwXV0oLEfCM

  13. Actually, designing and creating all levels from scratch wouldn't be necessary – a thing, called 3D scanner, exists – just scan some parts of the world and you've got most of maps already. Additionally, there could be some algorithms set in place to transform an environment to a different one with relatively small effort. Also, if hardware and general software already is in place, manual editing could be done directly in game. As for bonus, quite large part of building processes could be given to Cardinal system, for it is an AI – just load some basic data or a few of ready samples and "tell"it o be creative. Will be waiting for new estimates…

  14. He has not seen the anime which is an insult to both akahito kaiaba and comparing a cloak to a fricken fidget spinner when it was released before that

  15. mummy matpat but I want to see my waifu asuna naked

    oh sh*t , mummy matpat is talking about my country poland :oooo

    oh sh*t v.2 , in 2022 kirito was 14 and in 2020 he was 12 and plot twist is in 2020 I'm 12 same as kirito :ooo

  16. If I play sao I’m gonna die once I start playing cause my family be like
    Parents take it off*

  17. Honestly if they take the time to make this game and the technology I don't see them having any trouble selling enough copies and units to cover the costs

  18. The question itself is nonsensical, asking how much it costs to create a full dive game like sao is asking how much it cost to create witcher 3 while living in 1980 and using primitive games as a benchmark. There is literally no way of knowing. It's hard to predict what technology will be like and the costs of technology 40 maybe 50 years from now when this game MIGHT even be possible to create.

  19. in retrospect, 500 million for a game is not that much seeing ubishit is making over 1 billion dollar a year with microtransactions.

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