Figuring Out The Internet: YouTube for Dummies (like me)

Ahhhh YouTube… The guilty pleasure I have that benefits me
in NO WAY…oh boy. (SIGH) Succeeding on YouTube is the equivalent to
the Avengers beating Thanos. It takes you 14,000,605 tries before you realize…a
rat is your key to success. Bad analogy…I know. But, that’s besides the point. What I am here to talk about today is Part
número uno of My Love/Hate. I mean misunderstanding towards YouTube. On one hand, YouTube provides you with millions
of good…ish videos at your fingertips. You can find videos on just about everything
from adventure vlogs to why can’t my cat quack. Now I have been on YouTube for approximately
8-9 years. I’ve been creating content on YouTube on and
off for about 6 years now. Now I know what you’re thinking. This is a brand new channel. You only have 3 videos. Stop complaining! Well!…I have in fact created 6 channels. Two of these I still post content on. However I didn’t take most of them seriously. But… this channel was going to be different…It
was going to be… unique. It was going to be the “free real estate”. I mean the hotspot for quality. I mean it had the perfect recipe for success. An awesome name:Figuring Out The Internet,
A dank logo, Awesome Thumbnails, Interesting(ish) content, Okay(ish) videos and awesome channel
art which by the way took me 6 freaking years to finally figure out how to make it fit on
all devices. I was basically the next Gordon Ramsey of
YouTube. Well you may be asking: “Hey what happened?” It is not what happened but what is currently
happening. YouTube is Happening! I found my growth stifled by YouTube’s undue
delay You take days researching ideas, creating
a video title, and planning a script. You spend forever shooting your video. You then spend countless hours editing on
your potato. But, Because you don’t have a fancy potato. Depending on your video size you could be
waiting quite a while for your video to render If you’re like me, this is when you craft
and yes I did say “craft” your youtube thumbnail. 9/10 dentists recommend this step. You put together your channel description
and tags. Optimizing them to the max. You’re researching every YouTube Growth and
SEO guide to make sure you “masterpiece”, your chef-d’oeuvre is able to grace the masses. After, a numerous amount of hours You upload your video and as with every video
you say to yourself “I have done everything to YouTube’s specifications” “this is surely
the video that will blow up my channel” You’re thinking of how many views and subscribers
you are going to get. Then your dreams meet reality. As you are now drowning in your sorrow you
take one last glimpse at YouTube’s Help Center to see what went wrong to see this.

5 thoughts on “Figuring Out The Internet: YouTube for Dummies (like me)

  1. There is one rule on YouTube: "Be already successful and you will have more success." or have a bottomless amount of resources so that you can brute force it. Pretty simple actually 🙂

    Hey, at least I am the nr.1 ranked Carl Lucas on the site. That's pretty neat.

    Edit: Also, we should collab on some stuff I am working on. Just dm me on Twitter.

  2. Great video, everyone here can easily relate to your Youtube hardships, keep at it until the youtube algorithm smiles upon you! Cheers

  3. I will be uploading a video each day I get a new subscriber or I will upload a video each time I get a subscriber until I reach my first goal. Each goal will be a new challenge that I will enlist the subscribers about. I'm really excited about it! At the time of writing this I am a 19 subscribers so I will start on my 20th subscriber.

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