Hi this is Leo the TechMaker chain and today we will learn how to make music with it.
that’s a tesla coil then yes There are much bigger but this is not the size that matters because you will see that it is mostly the principle we will study.
and above all it costs less than 10 euros so no one risks going broke buying that little thingy.
good it not happen all made like that at that price will have to go up and weld the components obviously is to import and obviously everything and Chinese good will have to deduct some how all branch. Fortunately there’s nothing rocket science and it will take less than twenty minutes to get our tesla coil ready to use there is more that the feeding and hop we will have a response of the coil over the detention will be high and the coil will revere and this power Adjustable allows us to see easily enough to the point that it seems that the coil end will block but this is a functional and practical it is all it takes for our small experiments then already bah, how does it work?
and well through a system of processors coupled to a resonance phenomenon this coil will generate very high voltages and emit a very intense electric field and high frequency.
this electric field may e.g. cause ionization of the gases present in fluorescent bulbs located near the coil.
without going into too much detail when atoms excited gas of mercury vapor in the case of fluorescent tubes return to their normal state they emit radiation ultraviolet which are then converted into visible light when it encounters the fluorescent powder which covers the inner wall of the bulb where the name fluorescent bulbs for small neon bulb, it is easier for the light and I is already in the visible spectrum so you can see the beautiful red-orange color emitted from neon atoms when they calm down.
This small Tesla coil uses a solid spark discharge is not triggered by a bow as a Tesla coil classic but with a field effect transistor advantage of this technique is that you can easily modulating frequencies at which discharges are carried out for example following an audio signal and you and about where I am getting the reel starts to put it to music like magic (Small music that goes well) And then you’ll say: bah it is where the speaker, well actually the speaker is directly coil because it is she who will directly play the famous music.
First remember that the sound is nothing less vibration when we hear something that is the air around us that will carry these vibrations up to our ears in a conventional loudspeaker we will use an electromagnet to serve as a membrane.
this membrane will displace air during its movement this wave will spread and we have a sound.
our coil other means are used to moving air. when an electric arc is created, it crosses the air becomes extremely hot hot air expands and suddenly takes up more space.
and to occupy more space, well it will push air costs there around and moving air it will produce the same result as a speaker classic.
right here we have no real arc but a corona but the result is the same and that’s how a tesla coil to use it as speaker or even turn our remote bulbs I want offer you from time to time short videos on gadgets like this one.
this is stuff that not very expensive and it helps to understand some phenomena there are other gadgets that cost between 20 October 30 euros that are very interesting that not do incredible tricks but for understanding how this or that stuff works.
and if this phenomenon tesla coil you are interested in particular well do not hesitate to say in the comments and if it does well we will try to reproduce experience but with a real Tesla coil families this time a good one big thing that really puts you ko while there it is rather small tickles.
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Leo was the TechMaker chain and especially: never stop learning Hello


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