ExpressVPN for Mac – How to use Network Lock

This video explains the Network Lock feature
on the ExpressVPN Mac app. We’ll go over why it’s important for ensuring
your privacy, as well as how to change its related settings. When using a VPN, your internet activity is
encrypted through a secure tunnel, so that third parties such as hackers, internet service
providers, and the government can’t see what you’re doing. However, if your internet connection drops
temporarily, causing a disconnection with the VPN, your web activity may be exposed
to prying eyes. Network Lock, also known as a Kill Switch,
is designed to stop all web traffic from entering or leaving your Mac if you are suddenly disconnected
from a VPN server, protecting your privacy. By default, network lock is enabled on the
app. As soon as you connect to the VPN by clicking
the On button, Network Lock is active. Network Lock remains active if there is an
unexpected disconnection, and while the app tries to reconnect. As soon as you cancel the connection request
or disconnect from the VPN, Network Lock becomes inactive. If you would like to make changes to your
network lock settings, you first need to disconnect from a server. Click the hamburger menu icon, then “Preferences”. Make sure you’re on the “General” tab. Here, you can adjust Network Lock settings
by either checking or unchecking “Stop all internet traffic if the VPN disconnects unexpectedly”. “Allow access to devices on the local network”
means that if Network Lock is active and your connection drops, you can still access devices
shared over the same network that the ExpressVPN app can reach, depending on how your network
is set up. If you disable it, access to these shared
network devices are blocked when you are connected and when the connection drops. Congrats! You now know how to use the network lock kill
switch on the ExpressVPN app for Mac. Still have questions? ExpressVPN Support is available 24/7 over
live chat and email. Don’t forget to check out the Mac playlist
to learn more. Thanks for watching!

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