EVE Online – Birth Of The Capsuleer

The birth of the capsuleer. A sacred act. Immutable and profound. Mind and machine merged. Flesh fused with power beyond mortal limits. United with destiny, a ship and it’s heart. They are one. New Eden. An oasis of life in an uncharted void. A galaxy where power and wealth spur humankind. Where four great empires seed
the fractured renaissance of man. Wielding vast fleets, they carve
their ideologies into the stars. The heroism and treachery of capsuleers
is woven into the fabric of New Eden. A story of industry, exploration and conquest. However you choose to forge your destiny, do so with heart. New Eden is yours to shape. This is where your legend begins.

100 thoughts on “EVE Online – Birth Of The Capsuleer

  1. Такие у Вас супер ролики! Класс! Когда же уже ждать сериала или фильма по вселенной Евы?! Столько материала пропадает.

  2. Ive actually only started playing Eve a few days ago as an omega. I must say I'm really surprised by the level of updates the game still has after all these years. A few years ago I tried the game but it was all a little overwhelming for me. Now everything seems more intuitive and modernised. Real great job from the developers. Oh and btw, people saying the community is heartless havn't played other online survival games. This community is so helpful, I'm truly amazed by it. So for everyone trying to get into the game but are put off by whatever: you really don't need to. Just try it out for free as an 'alpha' and see if it's something for you!

  3. Wow, good looking trailer. Pretty sure it was the Dominion trailer that sold me on EVE, though it's been a while since I played, probably stopped not long after the Fountain War. Been tempted to come back again, but know that I'll get sucked right back in again…

  4. These trailers why players come back to the game. CCP, those employees who made this trailer need a raise.

    Also fuck that ninjas. T_T

  5. Cool trailer, but when do we get to, you know, ACTUALLY PILOT THE SHIP IN THE FIRST PLACE? As far as I've seen, you command an A.I., which has many functions…. such as driving your lazy a*s in appropriately lazy routes.

  6. The trailers are always epic, brb sitting on a gate for 18 hours to pop 2 magnates, its a shitty gate but its something

  7. Muy…bueno el trailer pero estaba viendo los subtitulos y faltaba algo… saben aqui no hay esencia de "españoles" y ya llevan 4 años desde que no pueden traducirlo al español, o es que acaso, ¿no sienten interes por los latinoamericanos? y es asi significa que ¿apoyan a trump?, solo faltaria eso… que mal pinta daria eso… un asco y remordimiento. Espero que mas que sea se tomen el tiempo de tomarnos en cuenta, nostros los latinoamericanos estamos en un mas grande y no creo que nos ignoren de por si facilmente. ¿Saben como me callarian la voca? Diciendome que ya estan trabajando en eso y que por favor tuviera paciencia, es tan solo eso.

  8. Still a shame each pilot looks like a cross between the pervert in the back of the bus and a potato.. oh well!

  9. Super cool trailer, guys!
    I'll admit, I liked the old, brief explanation of the Eve gate, and the origins of the empires, but I think new players will like the focus being on THEM, lol. I guess if they're interested, they can always read about the history and lore of the game on the Wiki.

  10. One of the better trailers CCP made ! 13 years of playing here without a break, i'm less active but still going strong now and then! ( comes with the age i guess ), fantastic game, best one ive ever played !!1 As a remark, ex Celestial Apocalypse corp member here, "Celes", first big anti pirate corp in game, once known in the realm of EvE as the White Knights, hail The Dark/darth solo !

  11. Hoooooooooooolllllly…. when are you making a movie about this?


    I recomend it to any capsuleer out there:


    I know there is a ton of written stories out there, however you can pick a life of certain capsuleer, for example:

    Starting in EVE, from the total blank empty mind. Graduated pilot that embraced immortality… no family, no friends, no relatives, a glimpse of memory where his blood originates from. I should stop here, it's turning into another novel… From a certain philo/teosophical aspect, I cannot even describe you the ideas and thoughts that overwhelmed me when I started to play EVE. It feels like empty-black-nothingness, where the only salvation and safety is traveling into warp speed looking at the light of each Sun, passing from left to right, or up-down. The unadequate ship control. You go to mine and make a coin, got blown by a pirate in 1.0. Repeat… third day, your balls are made of iron, you enter the first wormhole. The feelings: terror, numbness, freezing chill running through your spine, emptyness, loneliness… 5th day, your first million isk, 14th day, you discover a shattered wormhole with a raising curve of ice asteroids forming a 500km path / stairway (to?) into a system of shattered planets and a dying sun… i have to write it down, thanks ^^

  12. I have played EVE Online for many, many years, and I still think the game is lacking immersion. I mean, don't get me wrong, doing PVP is amazing, but when you watch videos of big battles, you can't understand anything if you are not from EVE. There is no such thing as dogfighting, or at least, not the way they are shown in the trailers. What we see in the trailer is what EVE Online is not and exactly what people who are not playing are expecting from that game : Fleets in formation, dogfight, lot of sound effect and explosions. Not a game where you spend most of your time scrolled away from your ship so you can see what's going on, to the point that you don't even see your own ship, gun shots that are barely visible unless you are using lasers, hundreds of red and purple/blue squares shooting at each other…

    EVE Online is very good game, but if it was like in those (amazing) trailers, the game would have so many players… Basically it would be a Freelancer MMORPG. Even fighters from Homeworld have a better feeling and sounds that those from EVE.

  13. Great to see the grand ol' game still setting the gold standard of sandbox MMOs after all these years

    cough Minmatar forever

  14. stupid question of the day: does the ship of the initial part of the video exist? is it one of those special item you get when you attend Fanfest?

  15. Look at the star citizen as there are made space battles, they are disgusting !!!! But the interior of the ships and flights to the planet is just super, if you also do it then it will be a great game, you just need to look inside, look at the space fights call of duty

  16. This game's community is the most evil group of people imaginable. Space is filled of psychopaths, true mercenaries, the only thing that matters is money. I would advise not playing this game unless you seek to see yourself too developing into a heartless monster

  17. Getting the EvE bug man, but I can't I have like kids and shit now, I can't do another 5 year stretch! but…but my 70 Billion is waiting for me!

  18. This might seem like a ridiculous question, but does anyone know how I can get the song for this trailer without the voice over? I'm building a space music playlist.

  19. We all know EVE trailers are the best game trailers in existence. With my Bluedio Vinyl headphones and M-Audio Audio enhancer with volume as high as unhealthy. THIS SOUNDED AWESOME! Why do people play stuff on built in speakers pfft.

  20. Trailer is 1000x more epic and better looking than actual gameplay. Reality is a somewhat out of date graphics by now, spreadsheet like gameplay and number crunching.
    99% of the players never get to use any of the top end epic ships with huge weapons – or even see them in action.

  21. Calling all Convoy Epslon miner Cappa survivors. Come in all survivors. Tracking an active training Corvette. What is your status?

  22. Do not buy omega with real money
    3 weeks old
    Still alpha
    100 mils/ day easy
    Play 2, or 3 hours
    Huff gas
    Take 2 hours nap

  23. I was always admiring Eve's lore. It is extremely well thought out, dark, exciting, everything fits so nicely. It's a match for some of the best SciFi books I've ever been reading.

  24. always loved the look of the maulus… i whish they made a cruiser size that actually had some fire power.
    I haven't been around as long as some but I've been around off and on going on a little over 8 years. awesome game.

  25. So let me get this straight capsuleers are basically semi-cyborg super clones that have electricity flowing through them to control a ship and are merged with the ship and have cables hooked up into them and instead of a bridge or a cockpit all ships have a capsule room? And what other motions do they have to do to control ships? Am I missing anything?

  26. CCP please teach them to fly the ship in the tutorial so I don't have to >I run a day 1 corp to get them into a cruiser in 5 days then they can stay and help or join another corp. the old tutorial actually taught manual piloting bring it back

  27. Anyone looking for the music (along with most of their other trailer music) can find it on their Soundcloud channel: https://soundcloud.com/ccpgames/eve-online-birth-of-the-capsuleer-joshua-crispin?in=ccpgames/sets/eve-online-trailer-music

  28. Well fuck me and call me daddy, after taking a long break from EVE i'm finally going to jump in. lol Sadly it will be with a new character. 10 years can really change a person

  29. This got me started in eve. More trailers like this and more brand new content and ships for players is all you need to do.

  30. Thanks for uploading this. My game decided to only show me the first half and make me stare at the glowing orange capsule while listening to the rest of it.

  31. I missed this video when I first started EVE online because I didn't know I wouldn't be able to see it again and because I pushed a button by accident. Thank God for the internet and thank you for sharing! Stupid EVE online not letting you access this video after skipping it.

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