Electronic stickers for the ‘internet of things’

– We have developed a concept
of transfer printing process which allows us to provide somewhat, a sticker-like thin film
sensors or electronics. The industrial-grade thin film devices are typically fabricated
on a silicon wafer. Our technology is to remove
this thick silicon wafer from the the functional thin film devices. Now, this functional device is sitting on the temporary, reusable tape such that, you can very easily cut off unnecessary part of the systems. Then afterwards, you can attach this predefined shape of thin film devices onto specific target surface. Any place of interest such as, just existing desk, building window, whiteboard, and meters, et cetera. One key advantage of this approach is that you can define
additional functionality on the surface of existing product without the need of additional
manufacturing process. (bright music)

2 thoughts on “Electronic stickers for the ‘internet of things’

  1. It is unclear to me whether this is an active circuit – that is a device layer on the silicon is removed with the film or just that the silicon is used as a temporary substrate during fabrication. Transferring active silicon would be is new to me, but I don't think this is what they are doing. The latter has been well-known for many years. Colleagues from EPFL used a similar process to make medical device electrodes as part of a project I managed from 2004, and it was not a new process then.

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