Elastos: The Modern Internet

We’ve always lived in a smart world Our societies our art our ecosystems our universe itself all made of vast, complex networks, designed for interconnection growth and innovation Then this happened and that really started speeding things up The Internet Originally conceived as a decentralized smart network with no central authority made it possible to communicate directly, all over the world. But it wasn’t built to evolve as it did and while our smart world advanced the internet stayed in the past and as it expanded, its vulnerabilities became more serious more prevalent Data. The lifeblood of the internet became centralized stored on servers, own by giant corporations, easily found vulnerable to attack making our devices easily hacked no matter how smart they became. We didn’t lose the Internet. We lost our Internet. Elastos is the modern Internet. Elastos has rebuilt the infrastructure of the Internet from the ground up creating the world’s first open-source network operating system This, is an operating system for the internet itself that is completely decentralized and that can be installed directly onto anything and everything smart. Every person, every device, every business, every thing can be directly interconnected into one massive global supercomputer each given their own secure identity that must be verified by the blockchain before accessing the network enabling an internet of security instead of vulnerability an Internet where central servers no longer exist an Internet where everyone owns and controls their own data. simultaneously creating the world’s first platform with a secure Internet and data economy powered by the applications of the future and the people who build them and because the platform was designed to run literally on any smart device developers can seamlessly write install or integrate existing applications, onto elastos using their own secure side-chains allowing people and machines alike to have direct exhanges in the next global currency. Elastos: smartweb powered by blockchain.

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