DREAMY Surfer Lou Dawg Hopes to Trade Hawaii for Hollywood – American Idol 2020

So we heard a rumor that you have no idea who we are. Oh, yeah. I just got your name. Name a song from any of any of us. Cry Me a River? Who is that directed to? Justin? Justin. You think this guy is Justin
Timberlake? Katy? Katy. What song do I sing? I’ll take a stab. Is it chandelier one? Who is he? I’m stumped. Huh? I mean, I’ve been in the business two hundred and forty three years. I mean, I was there when the dinosaurs came. Did you do Wheel of Fortune or something? Wheel of Fortune. He said are you from
Wheel of Fortune? Are you from Wheel of Fortune? All right. Pat, turn around Pat. Nah, I’m good right here, babes. You all go on. I’m here. OK. Hey, Lou-Dog. Yeah. What are you gonna sing for us? This song called Feel My Love. You wrote it? Oh, yeah. Go right ahead, babes. Justin, what do you think? Well, I’m crying a river over here. Sides’ the personal issues you have with him. Lou, I think you’re, I think you almost have something. Almost. I just don’t know if it will be exciting enough to keep people’s attention for a long time. I mean, you’ve really got to be multi-dimensional to go a long way in this competition. Well, Lou, it’s reminding me a little bit of a Jack Johnson vibe. And it’s like, it’s a real show like, guitar on the beach. Yeah. You know, after you’ve caught a couple waves and you’re just chilling. And it feels like a little bit more of a hobby. How much do you actually want to do this? Or is this just like, cool, yeah let’s go. Do you want it? You know, I. I don’t know what it is. That’s the thing. Don’t say that. I mean, there’s like thousands of other people that really know what it
is and really want it. Guess we’ll just have to take a vote. Lionel? Lou, I love you. Do you? I really think you should go and get it together and come back and slay us for right now, it’s a no for me. Lou, you definitely need a lot of work, but it would be fun. So I’ll roll the dice and I’ll say yes. Wow. Wow. I think it needs work. I’m a no. Thank you. All right. Good luck to you. It’s Lionel. Lionel. It’s Lionel Richie. Yeah. I mean, I know the name. The afro, I cut the afro. That’s what
it is. Hi, I’m Katy Perry. Nice to meet you. Thomas Luther Bryan, Thomas Luther Bryan. It’s nice to meet you, buddy. Nice to meet you man. Take care. He’s a dreamboat. A dreamboat. It’s not at the level that they want right now, it’s totally fine. You have a ticket. No. Oh, all right. I’ve not got a ticket. Who did he say Luke was? Justin Timberlake. You’re having a good day.

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