DrayTek Transitioning Phone Services to the NBN Part 1

Hi Everyone, Darren from DrayTek Australia
& NZ. In our last video we discussed the NBN Multi
Technology Mix and the different routers needed for each type of NBN if the router, or gateway
if you prefer, that the ISP bundled with the service didn’t do everything that a customer
might need it to. While swapping out the router for a more advanced
one is generally fairly straight forward, there is one issue where it can get a bit
tricky, and that’s when we want to retain the same telephone service, now provided by
the ISP. One scenario we can look at is for a business
which was originally on an ADSL service which came via the old copper telephone network
into a trusty DrayTek router, and they had a standard PSTN phone line also over the old copper network. The business also had VPN connections to the
branch offices as well as dial-in VPN for its mobile sales staff working from home or out visiting clients. When this business changed over to the NBN,
it was connected to VDSL2 and was supplied an all in one router which had Wi-Fi capability as well as a phone connection, so the phone now connects to the router and uses Voice
over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) instead of a socket coming out of the wall connecting
to the old copper network. However, the ISP supplied router didn’t
have business level features such as LAN to LAN VPNs, object-based firewall security, user management or Quality of Service and so on. This prevented the branch offices and sales
staff from accessing the main office network via VPN. The easy fix to overcome these limitations,
is to install a business class DrayTek router, which does have the features needed, instead
of the ISP supplied router. In this case they can also use the same Vigor router
they had before because it supports both the old ADSL service as well as the new VDSL NBN
service, and it also has built-in VoIP capability. However, we soon discover that the new VoIP
phone service is locked into the ISP supplied router and hidden so we can’t find out details
like the SIP configuration settings, as well as the username and password for the VoIP
account to allow them to be transferred to the Vigor router, and for security and performance
reasons, getting the ISP to reveal that information is usually next to impossible. So if the business wants to keep the existing
phone number it’s forced to also keep using the ISP supplied router. So what do we do in this situation? We can’t ditch the ISP’s router if we
want to keep using the same phone number, and having two routers inline on a network
is generally a bad idea. We then get a situation called “double NAT” which is one router sharing the Internet to a second router sharing the Internet to a local area network, so it’s being shared twice in a row, which creates bottlenecks and chaos when it comes to doing anything more advanced than basic web browsing and email, which is probably the whole reason we want to upgrade the router in the first place. The solution is to use a DMZ, which is a feature
available in DrayTek routers. DMZ stands for “demilitarised zone” which
essentially offers a connection to a device, or a network segment in some cases, to connect
to the internet through a router but without any of the firewall protections or Internet
sharing complications offered by the router. So physically we go ahead and replace the
ISP’s router with our preferred DrayTek router, plug it into the NBN connection box
the same way and configure it to connect to our ISP the same way, and then plug the WAN port of the ISP router into one of the LAN ports of our DrayTek router, which will be configured as a DMZ, and the phone will stay connected to the ISP Router. So that’s basically all there is to it. In our next video in this series I’ll go
into detail about how to configure both routers step by step to connect to the NBN and to
set up the DMZ. More detail about this topic is available
in our faq article which I’ll link to in the description below. For more information about all DrayTek products
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