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  1. I'm confused. I thought this guy claimed to be from south Africa… Or is it that he claims to be from Cali and he's stuck in south Africa?

  2. I don't get people who say this happened because she is old and she shouldn't have a smartphone. This happend because she is lonely. It happens to people of all ages. They are alone, feel very lonely and deep down have the hope to find someone. Even better if they aren't confronted fiscally – they call it dream girl or dream man for a reason, because a relation is always better in your head. A fantasy you create is always perfect and this doesn't depend on age. Conmen existed back in her youth too. She knows people lie, are you kidding? She shouldn't feel so alone… that would have avoided it. She wanted yo believe, desperately.

  3. She must didn't have to work hard for her money I'll be damned am I give a man money I ain't touched seeing kissed or nothing is bad that people are so deceitful but at least in person with time especially when you get broke you'll find out who they really are the mask comes off

  4. This is heartbreaking 😢 all we want as humans is to be loved and there are evil humans that just take advantage of this fact……just horrible

  5. Awww. He wore a "Love Fremont" shirt. As a lifelong resident of the SF Bay Area, all I can say is somebody has to. 😉 Sorry. Don't hate me Fremont but you know what I mean.

  6. It really infuriates me seeing our elderly being taken advantage of. They work their entire life for their retirement. To have that robbed under the circumstances to do people do it's heart-wrenching

  7. I feel so bad for this poor woman.
    She just wanted someone to love her.
    And for that she was taken for granted, taken advantage of, robbed, scammed, and broken.
    I'm so glad I stopped looking for online relationships with people.

  8. I don't feel bad for this old fool of a woman. Imagine all the charities she could have helped with that money, instead she spends it selfishly. I say let her bankrupt herself and become homeless, then she will learn.

  9. 3:17 "Banger Maine" 🤣
    Its "Bang gore" but what an obscure reference. It's not even our capital or anywhere noteworthy.

  10. South Africa – a friend of mine mom in law 71 as well. Did exactly the same thing. He says he lives in USA. She gave all her inheritance R13 million. Which is a lot of cash for someone living here. She has got nothing left and they are still trying to cash in by getting her to take credit cards out and selling her expensive jewelry.

  11. Old people are the most vulnerable people to get scammed easily. Because they dont know much about internet and technology. I have an old neighbour who came to me with his iPad and said he won a free iPad with a link he was sent I told him not to trust it it's a scam. But if I didnt tell him or help he was so ready to win an ipad. He would have done it.

  12. That poor lonely lady…..I hate those scammers, they feed off of desperation and loneliness….she was just wanting to feel loved and important. Prayers for this lady!

  13. I would feel bad for her if she wasn't already married lol wtf, yall are trippin. she dissed her husband of 35 years and got scammed, that's what happens. no loyalty

  14. Gullibility isn't "old fashioned". She's honestly convinced herself because she wants it to be true. "Cheesy Hughes"? No one alive would believe that. She is literally just paying for attention, and she wants it to be true so badly.

  15. this is not a one time gift card scam….she got scammed a bunch of times to rack up that amount of money, and was/is a mortgage banker? either she shouldn't have been one, or she became stupid enough to be scammed like this. nononononononono sure she's victim but kinda deserves it also she has a husband so….

  16. I don't feel bad for her, I feel bad for her grown ids who got to put up with her perverted, delusional, wrinkly arse.

  17. Was it really necessary to tell that man when you knocked on his door, that she gave him over 30 thousand in Bitcoin money?

  18. I'll only feel bad for the elderly for being scammed like this. But if your an adult then i feel no pity for you falling for this scam especially if it affects other people around you

  19. "Renée says her boyfriend, Tom Hughes" harsh audio cut LIVES audio cut again in this neighborhood. Lmao what other word possibly could have been said there that they had to make that atrocious edit? lol. No shade to the editor tho, you can only work with what's given to you, but…damn. lol

  20. Wait, they blurred the guys face because they wanted to protect his identity but they didnt blur the picture of his supposed "daughter" in order to protect her identity???? What?

  21. I love when Dr.Phil does the deep dive investigations into online catfishes, it's like he goes deep and then hits them again, goes into the deepest darkest recesses of the sea, he is amazing

  22. At least she accepted he isn't real. Unlike the other woman who was convinced she was in a relationship with someone. Even after all the evidence.

  23. I'm old and would love to meet someone although it's too late now ,but there's no way on earth that I would send a penny to these scammers I'm 82

  24. Dr Phil you are out of breath buddy :+/ inhaler? Also that woman's lip smacking is why I can't watch this episode with headphones.

  25. Tell me how scary this generation must be to people that are like 60, 70 and 80 years old. That's why I try to keep my mom and people I can, updated on the technology.

  26. Stubborn woman,Your kids say no and u still in ur wrong way..what u find old lady??? Desire??? What kind love u find young and black Man!!!Hellooooo u not scammed but u ar so pathetic

  27. I can tell you, if you'd put 200k into someone, you can not just "let it go" however, I don't feel sorry for her at all. Look how she treated her husband for over 35 years. Is this how he needs to be treated after all those years of marriage? No. She almost had no contact with her children who only wanted to protect her, and never even saw her grandchildren. If you are that selfish for a man you've never even met, you deserve it. You don't wanna see it, you have to feel it.

  28. Everyone commenting how this woman was so ignorant due to her age need to realize this isn't the only way to get scammed through the internet.
    A coworker thought she had found a legitimate business to sell her engagement ring to for a great price.
    She was wrong, she shipped it, never saw it again or the money.
    My jaw dropped when she told me.
    She said she double checked all the information and everything was all okay.
    She was 28 years old.

  29. Way I see this.

    Boomers doesn't want to admit she's been scammed because it makes her look dumb. Also doesn't accept that her kids know more than her.

  30. Maybe she and her husband will have healing in their marriage and work on their relationship. Seeing her tear up broke my heart.

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