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where the process of revamping our set so for right now you just you just get blue this is kind of another public service announcement we did another one a few weeks back when I told you now is a really bad time to buy a phone this is a product that i reviewed a while back in light my experience with it has totally changed do not buy Google Wi-Fi let me let me tell you why so my house is not that big for 1,800 square feet it’s the few bedrooms i picked up google Wi-Fi want to have a mesh network to essentially extend my Wi-Fi network throughout my whole house so really hard time getting reception with my pretty awesome NETGEAR Nighthawk up my bedroom and I couldn’t move the router bit of background I’ve got 18 cheese giggles blasts internet my helmet so I should theoretically be getting a thousand up and a thousand never signed close to that when I’m standing next to the NIGHTHAWK generally i got about seven hundred up or down on Wi-Fi not be plugged in directly i’ll get that full thousand speed crazy fast so i set up Google Wi-Fi at my house our testing at the office and i’m super excited and my speed drop instantly to about 300 up and 200 so i reset everything did it again speed consistent is kind of delicate because those speeds are still pretty fast I get that this feeder are still really quick but they’re not what I’m paying for so Google life is 100 number on the back called it their service was great into the phone right away try to walk them through what’s going on they had no idea heavy rain diagnostics and diagnostics back to Google and came back with the big lake we don’t know what’s going on so I’m paying for fast speeds but i’m not getting fast speed and beyond that the mesh capabilities of google Wi-Fi put up in that good i’m still barely getting more service and i had with just a single night hawk router before so I was bumped and I figured I want to be the voice of consumer i want to tell you guys my experiences i get a lot of questions when you get about products to buy and i recommend a lot of products but i feel like i should probably not recommend some as well when i get when it does not work from I’m gonna be testing a few other options I’m gonna test amplify I’m gonna test 0 i’m going to test or be as well to find one that works you guys looking for a mesh network hopefully you’ll find one at those that should work for you if you used one you’ve got an option comment down below and let me know which one you guys use country looking for something good i’m moving in about two months and I want to be is going to cover my whole home I really hard work is going to function properly and I want to get at least close to the full of theoretical speeds thank you guys for watching want a quick second to give you the comment of the day become today comes from our text save you money video and it comes from double-a IV who asks you could have gone slightly in more depth of each product that is why LED bulbs are the best option so if you want to follow him link to it down below into your question I say it was more about a teacher salad video here’s some general tech that can save you money for no more details about it we can definitely do that in upcoming videos and if you want to be featured in an upcoming comes the day is pretty obvious just leave a comment down below bit of a different kind of going down the past more of a TV news style PSA don’t like Google life I just see yourself the money wait till software updates comment maybe gets improved but for right now I cannot recommend Google life

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  1. Sounds like maybe a firmware issue? Tons of people the last week have been reporting issues with Google WiFi. We like our Nighthawk and are gonna stick with it until we get fiber—then we will probably move to Amplifi or commercial AP stuff.

  2. Have you posted an update to this video as you indicated you would in the video? Your don't buy recommendation is almost 2 years old.

  3. Have you ever thought about the fact that it might work perfect for others? And just because you cant get the speed you need/pay for doesnt make this a bad product.
    It probalby works PERFECT for alot of people that does not has the speed you have.
    You should atleast add that this was a problem for you, and the speed you want. And that it might not be the best solution for this kinds of speeds.
    I guess it would work perfect for my coming 100/100 fiber connection.

    Thought TechnoBuffalo was a serious channel, but probably not..
    Its not working for you, so nobody should ever buy it.. Best tip of the day.

  4. any update on you mesh network woes? I just upgraded to the GoogleWiFi yesterday, and in my current 2400sq ft house and 2 levels, the google wifi keeps consistent speeds throughout the house on pittiful Xfinity 100/5 cable. Network extenders for me didnt work, the daisy chaining and signal hopping wasnt ideal for media streaming.

  5. I have Google Wifi. After years of fighting to get good networking all over in a high density wifi jungle (I can see something like 40 routers if I stand in the middle of my living room) , Google Wifi has come along and pretty much fixed the issues. Speeds are as good as any other wifi device I have tested (and I have been through more than a few) my gig of interest speed tests at over 800, which is fine, and even tests that well from the second "puck"… overall, a decent product. Most importantly, it's the easiest network in the universe to set up, defaults to secure, and basically gets noobs and novices up and running in an instant without having to figure out how to turn a router into an access point, bridge or what have you. I would recommend.

  6. I'm not going to say this guy is stupid as some have mentioned haha but I'm not entirely sure he's capable of reviewing this product. I am a network administrator for the U.S. Air Force and I've seen more routers (although they're mostly commercial) than you can shake a stick at. The Google Wi-Fi kit is easily the most simple and advanced mesh system currently on the market. Others may have more gigabit ethernet ports, maybe others have faster speeds, but this system is"Good" in all categories and GREAT in the simplicity category while being modestly priced in my opinion. Google has the easiest app to navigate and it's stupid easy to troubleshoot these (if you ever needed to) and it's just crazy seeing anything negative about this kit. I appreciate TechnoBuffalo taking the time to make this video but I just can't back it. To be fair, I'm commenting about a year and a half after upload so I'm sure firmware updates have played a role so I'll give you that.

  7. i hate how google claims this shit 'just works'. no, these things do not work for all houses. Some houses these work fantastic in but ive seen so many cases where these mesh kits don't work properly. THE saving grace for google wifi is the fact the points support ethernet backhaul. This means when the magical mesh doesn't work or is inconsistent the pucks can be hard wired back to the main puck.

    Just if you've already got cabling you can boost your wi-fi alot cheaper than crappy google wi-fi.

    also you're sending usage data back to google LOL fuck that.

  8. We got these routers for my work. We have 3 separate warehouses in an industrial compound. The main google router is plugged in on the far side of our main building. It manages to reach a solid 50-60 yards away to the 2nd router in the next building across the alley. That one then reaches the far side of that building. As you can tell we are extremely spread out. I sincerely doubt you only got a little more coverage with these! Our shops total several thousand square feet and you can walk anywhere around them including in the alley and out front and still maintain coverage. We have never had a problem with them and they are used in an oily, nasty machine shop. Literally, they've never malfunctioned. I have never been able to say that about a router. As for the speed issue, we've never had an issue but we don't have 1GBPS internet.

  9. Nothing is guaranteed over wifi!! WiFI sucks!!! If you have to use it and can't hard wire get a access point hard wire it problem solved. One device is it going to use that much bandwidth

  10. This is click bate at best. It is not applicable to most of the US network speeds available, not current content (end of 2018), and not a product comparison within the same ecosystem. There is no evidence that the "reviewers" gripe has anything to do with the product and not the environment or false expectations.

  11. I totally disagree with the conslusion. I've got a 3 unit google-wifi servicing a 5400 sq ft house and I've eliminated all dead spots with it. It's also got some of the best stats I've ever seen. I now know exactly how much bandwidth every connected device is using.

  12. Almost didn't buy this bc of this review and decided to anyways… This guy's recommendation is terrible. It's not Google, but something with his internet provider…. My Google wifi is amazing 3 piece mesh

  13. This is a bullshit evaluation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Google WiFi. It is extremely simple to install, maintain, and service.

    I have had it installed in two homes for over a year and experienced power outages, ISP dropouts and yet the WiFi continues to operate and re-connects without difficulty after an outage. The LED color coded lights are a real easy way to see the status.
    His eval failed to address his system, his specific ISP and whether there was throttling, whether his computers were the problem, etc.

    I cannot recommend HIS review as it lacks any technical details and is just a piss on Google gear ad. He needs to go back to IT Mesh Network 101 and do a little studying.

  14. You are VERY unlikely to get gigabit speeds out of ANY 802.11ac router, but sure make a YouTube video about how it's Google's fault rather than understand specifications and wifi standards I guess…

  15. I have 2 hubs installed and one is on my desk, but compared to my fios 5g Wifi it’s worse even though both are around 100mb. It has worse ping and very inconsistent

  16. Im completely clueless about how router and modem works works with a internet provider I’m looking for good internet to stream on gaming would be nice if someone can help me figure out what I need to get and a good provider to get internet and how this all works

  17. I’m returning mine because it won’t maintain a reliable connection to the internet. The WiFi itself works great, it I can’t stand loosing internet connectivity several times per hour.

  18. I've always had far worse speeds with wireless as opposed to wired for obvious reasons. Currently I get 2 Mbps download via wireless, 16 Mbps wired, despite very close proximity to the router. I do not at all think this is a reason to "NOT BUY GOOGLE WIFI". I think it's a great product for many people mostly for the simplicity and mesh capability without feeling like you need an IT degree. Most people look at you funny when you say so the idea of a product like Google WiFi is a leap forward for making WiFi setup throughout a whole house that much more simple for the non-IT people out there. That's the draw to it.

  19. i bought it over a year, perfectly fine with my 500mbps down connection, actually i get much higher speeds. So good I've bought it as gifts too

  20. I have my google wifi for awhile. I have had no issues with it all. I admittedly do not have the speeds you are paying for, but in my 4100+ sqft house it has helped tremendously

  21. Within the first minute of watching this video I could tell, that while the gentleman in this video is a lover of all things tech, he probably does not know a lot about the fundamentals of networking and the 802.x protocol. For the people wanting real advice about this kind of thing and why Google Wi-Fi cannot achieve the speeds discussed in the video, read the info at this site there are a lot moving parts and factors to consider when it comes to networking and the author of this video probably should have done his research before publicly shaming the Google product.

  22. A lot of tech info is missing from this review. Googled the info between Nighthawk wireless routers and Google Wifi system access points. The max wireless throughput for the top of the line Nighthawk routers is 1900 mbps (what are you doing at home with this much wifi?). The max wireless throughput for Google Wifi system access points is 500 – 550 mbps. To get an idea of how much bandwidth a device needs take this into consideration. UHD (4K) requires 25 mbps max in order to deliver seamless streaming of content. So I think in the video he said he had 700 mbps coming out of his Nighthawk wireless router. If he is thinking he is going to use up all his bandwidth…that means he potentially has 28 UHD (4K) TVs. On average a home network can suffice with 100 mbps. I monitor devices connected to my Google hub and I constantly see 5 – 10 mbps down speed per the 3 or 4 devices connected.

    So…the Google WiFi access points are bad because? I do this kind of work for a living so that helps too.

  23. I have the velop by linksys I am having the same problems . my router 1900ac is the same as the velop system speeds r not what I pay for. I have 400/20 and i am not seeing it. So linksys velop stay away from. I'm looking at getting a nighthawk router now.

  24. It's not our fault that it doesn't work properly for you. Your basically making a 3 minute video saying that we shouldn't buy this because for some odd reason it doesn't work for you. I have the three set and it works amazing for my 2500 square foot house and I get faster speeds than ever. I think that a lot of people like this because it is considered one of the best mesh wifi home systems in the world which is why this video got nearly as many dislikes as likes.

  25. Old video, but I have to comment. Mesh networks work by taking a certain part of the available bandwidth, and using it to connect to the other access points in the mesh. So right up front, your mesh network is never going to be as fast as a single router because of the work it's doing to give you coverage over a bigger area. Second thing is that the secondary devices (the pucks not connected directly to your ISP) will suffer latency issues and lower speeds because (as mentioned above) they are taking you data, and echoing it up the line on essentially the same wifi connection. There is a limit! Third, those pucks may show well connected, by my experience is that Google Wifi gives a thumbs up to anything doing better than about 100mbps. So your 700-800 at your main router point is tuned all the way down to probably 100-200mbps if you are connecting to a secondary node of the mesh. If you are connecting to a third, fourth, or even fifth puck down the line, your results may be even poorer. You will absolutely have coverage all over, but that coverage will not be as you expect. It's really not much more than a talented repeater.

  26. Horrible for home automation, DO NOT BUY if you plan on using this for home automation. When I got mine you had the option to assign your SSDI to 2.4 or 5 Ghz to either guest or primary. That option is now gone with an update months ago. You need your phone's Wi-Fi to connect to a 2.4 so you can bridge your 2.4 Ghz smart device to Google Wi-Fi but it will auto connect unless you have an old phone that allows to choose what frequency. Google Wi-Fi support solution? Walk outside until your phone connects only to a 2.4 Ghz … NOT ACCEPTABLE, other than that it is a great router

  27. Don’t listen to this guy these routers are amazing. The only Problem I have with these if someone downloads the rest of the people don’t have internet

  28. I just bought this Google Wifi setup today to fix the dead zones at the edges of the house, and let me tell you, it was easy to set up, and it worked, now the whole house has fast Wifi, and I can still add 2 more of these Google things making it at total of 5, but these 3 did the job on their own

    Update: Reaches the basement, 1st and 2nd floor, and front, back and middle rooms, have 5 smart speakers connected, 3 Xboxes being used all the time, about 5 tablets, 7 phones, 4 Smart TVs, just alot of stuff, we play Fortnite, GTA V and we don’t lag, before getting this we did lag, because our old router didn’t reach the entire house, but it’s been almost 2 months and still have great signal, just wanted to give an update

  29. I wonder why he is basing the whole DO NOT BUY over one defective device. I didn't see or hear about a replacing it or checking with the ISP, or Reconnecting the old router and see if the speeds improved. In all honesty, I dont trust this review due to the lack of a more deep troubleshooting.

  30. Terrible product and customer service. I had one unit go bad and called within the warranty period and they said they would send a replacement which they never did.

    Then I had another unit go bad so I called again and complained that the first time around they never sent me a replacement and after keeping me endlessly on the phone, they eventually sent me a “you’re sh!tbout of luck email” and basically told me to buzz off.

    I’ll be getting an eero.

    I will add that when I had all three units working, my WiFi coverage wasn’t really that much better than it was before. This is a gimmick if you ask me and doesn’t really do a good job at all.

  31. And me here in Dominican Republic paying 120 bucks for 45/5 Mbps and this fool is bragging about 1000Mbps. How about a shut the fuck up.

  32. If you have Chromecast on this system, remove it. Had problems with this mesh with internet have gaps where it stops working for a few seconds and comes back on several times. Unhooked the Chromecast and it works great now.

  33. Bro the same thing happened to me,i updated my wifi and im still getting the slow speeds but im paying for the igh speeds

  34. Jon you are an idiot. You are not technical and you are recommending? Did you look at the specs of this device?

  35. first problem net gear second problem at&t they are one of the worst services regardless of the node crap, try Asus router I have an acre and get reception almost all the way to the end of my yard.

  36. its doing GREAT at my place with one out in my garage sunporch. I set them up very high in elevation. BUT i also have Googleminis all over which i know are netting up together as a global linking system. I know so because mom has four minis too and i cant get anything to work there because one she has friends who come over when she doesnt understand her email, so the idiots open up NEW Google email accounts (she has five) and Google screws up assigning the Google homes to different addresses. Anyways, i am positive that getting universal is what matters. However, i am NOT universal in smart wall switches and dimmers etc, and at moms it aint working, but at my house everything is awesome 19 devices on the system. I use the Smart Life App

  37. i bought 2 of these google wifis, the one point gave out after a month and google tech support had me run diagnostic reports with my laptop download a 3rd party app on my phone and play around for 2 hours and then i had to go to work and they still said it wasn't enough to replace it. this upsets me I use a pixel 2 have bought a nest themostat I don't bellieve I will buy harware from Google again

  38. You should update this video and put a link in this video to your update. I cannot believe this is still your opinion since the many automatic updates Google has made since you made this video. My experience is that Google WiFi is the best for anyone who wants to USE their wifi to connect to many diverse devices without having to get nerdy about it. Obviously there are many choices for the nerds, but I as a semi-nerd I see the value in a great set it and forget it solution like Google WiFi.

  39. ASUS AI Mesh was able to do about 500 mbps I dont think you will ever reach the same speed as the wire. AI Mesh is pretty close though.

  40. Please stop talking nonesense! I bought this to test it, and guess what? I replaced my dlink ac5300 for this. Smooth and fast, plus it never drops connection.

  41. Hi I have a problem. I use bell fibe (a fibre internet) and it refuses to connect to my google wifi (the pods). I don't want to use the mesh system that bell offers because firstly, I already have the google mesh system from my previous internet and secondly, the bell pods are very small, only have one ethernet port each, and they have a very bad signal. I would really like 1 gb internet speeds which I am paying for and I currently only get around 50 mbps from one floor above the modem (with the bell pods all connected). Can this issue be solved and if so, please let me know. Thanks.

  42. Google's mesh solution is a godsend to those with a lot of signal issues. It may not be superfast (wtf is this even important) but has good latency and stability in noise areas. I work for a shop who sells these a lot, no complains. While e.g. linksys velop has a lot of complains.

  43. There's nothing to substantiate your position technically or otherwise. Just an anecdotal rant. None of the comments objecting to your position are replied to with any substantiation. I dislike that this is a top result when searching for this product.

  44. Are you google hater? Lol, just bought the set of 3, and it fix all of my wifi signal issue andy internet speed! Im not a big fan of google but this device works well!

  45. Don't listen to this b.s. As of July 2019 here are some of the review headlines for Google mesh routers:
    TechRadar: Google Wifi – The simplest, most value-packed Wi-Fi mesh system yet…
    CNET: Google Mesh – The best way to blanket your home with wi-fi…
    IdleWire: Google Wifi is one of the best wireless mesh routers on the market, as it combines value, performance and accessibility…
    No, it isn't perfect but there aren't any reputable reviews that agree with this guy

  46. "OMG dont buy McDonald's burgers! The one I bought was colder than the one from Burger King. Bad company AND bad product smh."

  47. If your house is larger, or need outdoor wifi, Google wifi is the way to go. I tried extenders of all kinds, routers of many kinds, but nothing works better than Google wifi. The secret of Google is it has many units of 3-4, then you can adjust their locations to change size and shape of coverage on your property. These days, there are Ring doorbells, outdoor camera and security lights, you'd need a good wifi to use the wireless devices.

  48. Another thumbs down for Google wifi for me. Not only do I think it's buggy and inconsistent, it seems to be getting worse. From bridging to avoid double nat, random points going offline, seemingly poor power output for Ethernet links over 10m, the incredibly slow wifi app and it's inconsistent presentation of information when compared to pixel phones, my isp's modem, the wifi AP's light colour indicator and misc computer's OS's, it's a disaster imo. I have devices connecting to APs on the far side of the house instead of the one right next to it! The support guys are nice and respond quickly but it's just not possible to cover the sheer number of discrepancies I observe almost constantly. The thing needs a lot of work imo, and has done for a few years now. Feels like a product Google are just letting burn out and fade away to me.

  49. how is it this guy reviews tech? He doesnt even know theres a difference between WiFi speeds and Ethernet speeds. Its sad that youre still misinforming people today. Get out of here or learn what youre talking about.

  50. the issue is at&t does not have bridge mode so you need to order static ip and setup it up enable dmz or ip passthrough and disable wifi 2.4ghz and 5ghz on at&t modem thats it so it's not the google wifi issue I had no issues running google wifi with at&t 1gb fiber same but I have no issues

  51. Jon, Was there ever a follow up to this? And I also believe that you have moved to a possibly larger home. What networking solution did you settle upon?

  52. slowest wifi i have ever. a door can block everything. and i feel that devices can not talk to each other across different google wifis

  53. Why don’t buy wifi is broke or not
    Bakit hindi bili ng wifi kasi baka masira o hindi

  54. My house is 4500 sq ft and I bought google mesh now I get wifi good everywhere in my house it might just be the units you bought

  55. it is AT&T. you must go into modem and reset setting to DMZ..AT&T sees this as a router behind a router and will half your speed

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