Do The Numbers On Toaster Dials Mean Minutes?

There is some rubbish going around on the
internet about how the numbers on these toaster dials are actually minutes. And it completely, utterly untrue and I shall
now prove it. All these four toasters are set to 2 on each of their dials. We have the cheap toaster, beloved of students
everywhere. We have the not so cheap toaster, beloved
of people who have just stopped being students and thought “I shouldn’t buy the cheapest
toaster”. And we have the slightly more expensive toaster,
for people who think that “adjustable, removable crumb tray” is a good feature. We also have the office toaster, which I have
nicked from the office next door. All of them set to 2, and I guarantee you
none of them will pop up at exactly two minutes. Why? Because toasters don’t have timing chips
on them. They’re far too cheap for that. What these have is a bi-metallic strip. Two bits
of metal back to back, that heat up and expand at different rates, so the strip slowly curves.
What you’re changing with these dials is how far that strip has to curve before it triggers
the thing that pops the toast up again. There we go, nowhere near two minutes. And
a completely different time to all these other toasters. Two minutes on the toaster dials is absolutely
rubbish. And here’s the thing: it doesn’t even make sense. Because even if there were
minutes — what would that do to help you? You’d still have to experiment through trial
and error to find out how many minutes your particular type of bread needs to be in there
for, and I’ll tell you, it’s way more than we’ve currently got. The office toaster? The one that is apparently
meant to be this “enterprise grade” thing designed to toast — toast your toast quickly?
No. Nothing at all. What we have here are four completely different toasters, all set
to the same dial number, none of them popping up at two minutes. Someone is wrong on the internet and now you
can correct them. Would anyone like some toast? (That’s not very well done.) It’s not actually done at all, is it! (That’s terrible.) What I love is that we’re still rolling, and
this toaster still hasn’t popped up. That’s how different the dials are We are literally waiting for toast to pop
up now — there we go! (Tom?) Yeah. (I think that one was two minutes.) What, on the nose? Ha! Okay, so maybe the expensive ones do have
timers in them. [Translating this video? Add your name here if you’d like credit!]

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