DIY Resin Ocean Serving Board (orโ€ฆ SURFING Board ๐Ÿ˜‚)

*chugga chugga chugga chugga…* *stifled
laughter* I think it’s just like “Hey guys we’re Evan
and Katelyn and today we’re making a resin and stone island serving tray” Right? So our thought was, we’ll grab some
slate tile, break it into chunks, put it in a mold, and cover it in resin, and hopefully that would look
like a top down island view And unfortunately our first attempt
didn’t work out well- Nooooo- but we’ll get into that soon So the first step in this project is to find
the elusive CNC. Ah there it is! Using it we will cut out a model from this
plastic because it’s shiny and will have a good surface finish and then we shall cast
it using silicone… Oh man. Uh oh. *furious typing* That’s so satisfying. Give me a second. Doh, it’s taking the tape with it, there we
go. Hahaha. Is this the satisfying shot you wanted? Hahaha! Oh THAT’S the satisfying shot I wanted. So majestic. It looks great! That looks great! Ok so the next step was going- excuse you. The next step was going to be making a mold
box that we could put this into and then pour silicone around it but then we realized that
the piece we cut it from could actually maybe be our mold box and we would just have a really
really thin layer of silicone. But that’s like a thing. A matrix mold. Yeah, matrix mold. And then like we’ll use this piece right here
to- as a structure- to reinforce it yeah. Silicone is very expensive. We wanna use as little of it as we need to. First step though before we make this mold
is getting this to a really smooth surface finish because whatever surface finish the
model has, like the master piece has, that’s what’s gonna be transferred to the silicone,
which is gonna be transferred to the resin when we finally cast it. Let’s do it. Yeah you got it, how many coats is that? Heh heh heh like, 10. Oh my god. More SANDING. More BUFFING. Oooo. Can you tell anything? I literally can’t. Yeah here look at this. Is it shiny and smooth? Shiny and smooth! It’s ready… Very carefully… it’s like what if I dropped
it like right now. Don’t- gentle. GENTLE. *Evan makes a weird noise* Uh what noise is
that? Like Star Wars. Oh… It’s like, it’s a sci-fi noise. I thought you were like… burning some stir
fry. So now we’re gonna tape across back side to
create a wall so that the silicone can’t go through it. There’s so much cat hair on this tape. Ok so I’ve tried explaining this to the camera
a few times already and apparently I’m not making any sick. Any sense! Because I’m sick. Silicone outline. It is contained. Trans- gah. Cuz we don’t just want like… Anyways- It’s a valiant attempt! Bear, bear with me as I try this again. So this is the side of the board that we want
to pour the silicone mold around this is our shiny side. So we’re gonna use hot glue to build a dam
around it that way our silicone can build up. Hot dam. Hot- hahahaha! Oh! We might need do like multiple… around twice
haha. This is the smallest hot glue gun. Don’t judge my hot glue gun! It’s so tiny. This is older than I am. It’s really older than you? Did you get it from your mom? Yeah. Haha. Just like 3D printing. Oh that’s so satisfying! Little clear boogers. A trail of snot! Alright and that completes our hot glue mountain
100 layers of gluuuuue! Hahaha. Now it’s time for the silicone. Oh yisss. Are you ready… for the stir?? No I need to change modes. It is overflowing a little bit. What do we do we have way too much silicone? Gotta make something else. We mixed double! Silicone is very expensive. Maybe we messed up the math but I don’t think
we did. No I think we’re good. We wanna use as little of it as we need do. Seems like we have way too much. Did we miscalculate. Probably should have measured with calipers
the height. That was a little bit more exciting than I
thought it was gonna be bit- Yes it was- You know, I still think successful… On the plus side it’s going and now we have
um a bonus ampersand mold that I don’t know what we’re gonna do with and in this one we
put some stuff in there, it’s in there a swear, we’re making more molds. None of the silicone went to waste! It’s all, it’s, it’s all being used very um
well. Smartly. Smartly. Ok, should we go to bed. Ok, bye! Well, it’s the next day. And it’s time to see if this worked. So far I don’t like, there’s no curing problems
or anything. Let’s see if this works. Oh my gosh. I’m just gonna go nice- yeah cuz we’ve gotta
peel it out of that really thin crevice. I think this is working. Ok careful. Yeah, careful. Ooo, ooo yes. Oh look at this look at this look at this. Ohhhhh it’s so shiny! It is shiny and awesome! Yes! Look at that. Ahhhhh!! We did it! Are you ready for this? Yeah. Oh my gosh . That is beautiful and satisfying. We have to like put this in like a controlled
room to keep the surface finish from getting any blemishes on it. I know. Look at this. Looks so good. This is one of the most beautiful things we’ve
made. Yep and it’s, it’s a mold. Hahaha. Life pro tip for making molds and keeping
them pretty. Yeah look at that! It’s like our molds usually get so nasty. This might be common sense for some people,
maybe this is what people do I dunno but- I think it’s great. Haha. Alright now that the mold is ready, we must-
Mold. Review. I’m sorry. It’s time to reveal… today’s secret ingredient. Oh my gosh you could have whacked the drill! Stone! Hahaha. That was a violent- So earlier um we tested
to see if we could cleanly break up this slate tile. that is the tile that’s in our bathroom. Time to smash it with a hammer. Ready? Oh jeez that’s loud. That was loud haha. So I think that these, these, these’ll be
really cool mixed in with the resin and it’ll give it that like… natural stone vibe I
dunno. But before we um pour the resin in there we
wanna layout everything- figure out our pattern- figure out the pattern. I don’t want it to be like too perfectly imperfect. Oh yeah that’s some good ones. I kinda like this cluster in the center. We’re about the enter the most stressful-
did your gloves just fart? That was me… hahaha. We’re about the enter the most stressful part. Of this build. We have to do a lot of different things… Can’t really use it as a serving board if
there’s like rock jutting out… means we can’t just pour our resin and pop the rocks
in there… they will sink to the bottom… so we have to do two different pours… a
very very thin layer like a 16th… and we don’t really have any wiggle room… then
we have to let it set and guess when it’s at the point but so set that it won’t seamlessly
adhere to the next layer… Anyways I’m getting too far ahead of myself. I think let’s just jump into it. Hehe. But there’s even more issues there’s even
more issues! We have to, to, to, we want the color to be
the same in the two different pours. We have to mix it all at once but if you mix
both parts together they start hardening so we have to separate it and only mix one part
together. Hmm hmm. We got this guys. Hahaha. Blue with a tint of green? Yeah nevermind, that’s not gonna do anything. Oh it is significant. Right? Maybe do one of green or should we just leave
it like that? Green could like mess it up. How risky do you want to be. Not. Hahaha. Let’s see how it looks after this. One green? We can do one green. That’s dark. No. I don’t like this. It looks good. This looks really bad. This looks really bad. It looks green. It looks like Listerine!!! ๐Ÿ™ It looks like Listerine! Ok, hey no it looks better now. No it doesn’t. It looks like blue Listerine. Looks like a Mediterranean like, like, ocean
blue green. I think this is good. Ok. Also we can’t change it. Now keep in mind when we pour it in the mold
since the mold is green it’s gonna look even more green. I’m not gonna know until we’re done! Let’s see if we can like blow that around. It’s spreading out a little bit. Hey we’re at the right height. We’re at the right height. Now we just have to wait til it’s at that
gel state. And hopefully we can set our rocks on it without
them sinking to the bottom. Alright. We wait. Ok so it took a lot longer than we expected
to get to the gel state. We thought it’d take like half an hour. I think we’re two hours in and it’s 11:30
at night. We’re gettin’ a little sleepy. Yeah. Ok. It’s time. Oh jeez. Ahhhhh we got a bubble. God dangit. You know what. I mean we can’t do anything about it. It’s fine. Alright. Ok. Should we start placing them. Let’s just start placing it. How nerve wracking is this. Oh hahaha. I’m just gonna do it. I don’t care. Ok. This guy’s good. Yes. Should we do this one first? We could probably get it a little closer to
the edge. No it’s so flush! That is nice. We wouldn’t have been able to get that even. No. Woo! Hahaha I’m so sleepy. We’re gonna mix some up to fill our gap and
then we’ll place it just so we don’t have like an air bubble underneath. Yeah. Hopefully that’ll work. Hopefully. Now we pour the rest. It looks like water filling up a lake. It looks like- like one of those clear lakes-
clear lakes with the rocks at the bottom. Yeah. Alrighty so, this has cured overnight. Aw man I see a big bubble. Oh no. Oh no! I was about to say- our biggest worry is bubbles. Hopefully this will just peel easily off. Oh yes. Oh that’s beautiful. Oh that’s nice. Ah. Whoa. Whoa. It is cool, it is cool but how do we, how
do we cover up the bubbles. Here’s my idea. I think that- I think we should do this again. Should we go like crazy and like- I think
we should go slightly crazy, drops of alcohol ink. Mix in a little bit of pigment. I’m kind of curious about what we could do
with a second attempt. Ok so, time to start the next pour. The main difference is we have three different
colors we’re gonna do so we’ll kinda speed through this and see how it goes. Slightly less nerve wracking this time. Great ok just yeah- don’t panic. Oh that’s just so satisfying watching it sink. The middle ones are a little less stressful
because they don’t overflow it. Now time for the dark resin. We’re putting a darker blue in the areas that
feel like they should be deeper ocean. Oh that’s cool. That’s really cool. Alright let’s uh, let’s do some white. Most nerve wracking part. Yup. Do you wanna do it? I can try. No no I’ll try first. Ok so, so we’re gonna drizzle a little squiggle
of white at the edge of the rocks. Yep. And then do we blow it towards the rocks or
away from the rocks? Are you ready for the straw? Yep. It’s so thick! Oh jeez. Ahh! Does that look like waves? Should we scoop them out? We could scoop them out. I’m leaning towards scooping- I’m not ready
to give up yet. Maybe doing that. Is that working? it’s a lot more controlled
than the straw. Does it look like waves? Not like the type of waves that are like crashing
on the rock because you can visibly see the rock is so much lower but it kinda looks like
waves, like a current. Do it kinda like in places where waves would
happen like near the rocks and stuff. Over covered rocks like in white water rapids. Yeah yeah yeah ok this is getting neat, this
is getting neat. I’m gonna do it right here up above tihs-
yeah- cuz it’s like turbulence- yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah and it’s like skinny pathways in between. This this right here this is like a turbulent
area. Yeah that’s true that’s extra turbulent. Do a little bit. Oh. Haha. I got a squiggle that followed me out. Ah this is neat! Ah I think this is like actually looking really
cool. There were some moments of panic. Complete panic. Yeah like do we scoop it out?? Oh yes. Oooo. Oh that color is so much more interesting. That is so cool. Version 1, version 2. Crazy. *loud Evan noises* Alright guys I’m so happy
with how this turned out I’m excited about this concept in general. I think it’d be really cool like on a table
top, I think you could take it even farther and like embed treasure chests or sunken ships
or- submarines! SUBMARINE BATTLES! I mean, I guess so. Well I hope you guys enjoyed this episode,
I hope you guys got some fun ideas from it and uh we’ll see you next time. Bye! It’s like you’re massaging it. You have a lot of tension in your shoulders. Let’s just jump into it. Let’s just- Just flop into it. Hahaha. Cut!

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