22 thoughts on “Debate: Headphones vs. NO Headphones – Podcasting and Live Streaming Tips

  1. I default to headphones for podcasting but as soon as I turn on a video camera I typically leave them off (for aesthetic purposes).

    Only exception being when I'm doing a video podcast and then the headphones serve as a "prop" for the video

  2. I use shure in-ear monitors. Love them. They hide well and isolate sound very well. I mostly do voice over work. But for podcasting they work well. They aren’t as easy to put on and off but if you’re wearing them for long times you’re not fatigued with the wear.

  3. I do both. I know you should have headphones but for my show where I talk my thoughts out loud, it’s just easier to talk without them. Maybe I’m just not used to it yet. 😅

  4. I think it changes the vibe of a video and makes it look more laid back and conversation with the headphones on, like we're watching a long-form podcast. Whenever I see a couple of people wearing headphones, it sends a signal to me that I can just relax and listen to a thoughtful chat.

  5. As always, great content! Also… I just realized I work like three blocks from you. Hopefully, I'll bump into my idol sometime soon. 😉 Bigtime fan, Bryan – 1MasterSystem

  6. Cool stuff guys! Thanks to both of you I’m now podcasting – since about 2 weeks. Also have the B.770s 80ohm they are superb. I don’t use them while recording though – for just editing. I give them to my guest maybe. As a teacher I am used to “talking to the room”. If I wear headphones while recording I often end up "talking to the headphones" instead – not throwing my voice naturally as I should. Headphones for me can sometimes lead to a little too much of “something like the proximity effect” – that doesn't fit to the trainer profile I think…

  7. Wow this is actually one of the more detailed, helpful videos I've seen on this! Thank you! I need to find something that works as well with my iPhone as my Macbook. Ideas?

  8. For recording over Zoom, I'll wear headphones the whole time. I know Zoom cancels out the sound from the speakers, but I'm too scared to risk it not working. For in-person interviews, I'll wear the headphones to do a level check and then take them off for the actual conversation. I use AKG K553 mkii headphones with Brainwaves XL leather ear pads and they sound GREAT.

  9. New to podcasting/vlogging…haven't used headphones yet. Great advice about using them when interviewing via skype, etc…

    Thank you about the advice to use royalty free music from YouTube. Found a number of songs that fit my vision.

    I just received the Flint 4K Plus. What do you think of that versus elgato and other products?

    Keep up the great, inspiring videos!

  10. I really like the look of in-ear monitors. The "Your Mom's House Podcast" uses them (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmJYAhNWor0) and you hardly notice them. Really sleek.

    I believe they use "Ultimate Ears" like these: https://pro.ultimateears.com/ue-5-classic-dual-driver-custom-iem.html

    Or for a much cheaper in-ear monitor, these are the top sellers on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GW8GVG1/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_CWj9DbV9X8R4B

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