Dark corners of the Innsmouth internet

Arkham asylum 66-th february 1922 Now Not too long before MeMes I understanded it all Hope, aspiration, pleasure It all made no SySl “Fuck it” What lives in the darkest nooks So, epta let’s get a haircut? *Russian music* ASS Ebany blyat *Random shots* Shoot,i without weapon! MEEEEE BooM HeadshoT Ammo! Mafioso Because you faggot epta Maybe you faggot?! Do you suck dicks? Do you suck dicks? (X25) Hi! Hey you *Angry Price* It’s him stole the Varkya’s bread Be well father T-post lol Stand up,there you go.You were dreaming.What’s your name? So catch my GadZa! **ASMR** Stay away fucking moron! FUCK! *Kama’s punch* *Error* C’mon,get up here (whisper) Fuck. *Spam Debil unit* -Give him to me.. INVISIBILITY… Well, that’s the idea Gagarin’s “let’s GO” * – Where to get the money? – Stranger, stay still the fuck up! (someone) CAPTAIN! (Captain) Yes, yeah? *Chainsaw reaction easter egg* (FlexTape guy) – I SAWED THIS BOAT IN HALF… – Denchik’s going down.. Heh,hehe *F Денчику* *PS1 Hagrid* water… …. (Woman) – He need some milk.wav (Minecraft Villager) –Hmm.. * – Oh, fuck, Fucked up. *Hotline Miami style dialog*. – He bought? – Man, this party stinks. I fucking hate these people. *Gates closing* – Stop *noclip* – Bro, Broo. – AARGAARGH. BIITCH. – Dafuq.
*Minecraft pain sound.wav* *Wtf is going on* -SHIT. – Frogg. (Dio) -MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA (Reptile) – Well, okay. (Sidorovich) – WELCOME.. (Sidorovich) – I will buy this in a high price (Shrek) – Go crazy.. waahdga… go stupid…

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