Daily Call Center Tip -#1 Digital Customer Service Tip, Take Public Private

The number one thing is take public
private, so anytime that somebody tweets at you, right they are on your Facebook
and they post something you know that everyone can see, the first thing you
need to do is you need to respond to that as quickly as you possibly can
right these are not these channels should take almost priority, I think they are
right below or even with your voice channels like I’m saying that! Right chat
people can be ticked but again there’s not this giant audience looking at
someone’s chat. Social messaging is basically everybody’s looking at this
thing and they’re kind of like you know that popcorn emoji right there they’re
saying hey what’s gonna happen next. You don’t want to get into a
giant fight just like on your the call center floor you know we talked about
that, anything that happens on the call center floor we got to pull off because
only good things happen well only good things happen on your Facebook page, only
good things happen on your on your public facing social media assets. So
take them private, DM them try to get through the conversation that way make
sure that you’re not you’re not you know hashing anything out or getting
defensive publicly

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