Create Internet Gateway on AWS for VMware Cloud | Tutorial for Beginners!

What’s up guys? It is Bernardo from the BTNHD and yes, holy
crap. This is a continuation of one of my series
that I started with you guys and it was all about AWS and configuring it with VMware cloud. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. I did part one, part two, but I never finished
a series holy crap. I’m horrible. I’m so sorry. So today is all about creating an internet
gateway, which is part three of this little mini series. So let’s get started. So we need to be inside our AWS console. And you need to go inside internet gateways. And then from there, click on Create internet
gateway, give your internet gateway a name. I gave it as VMSITE- IGW hit create and you’re
done. hit close. Now you’re back here. We need to select our new internet gateway
that we create it, select it and on the action button we will click on it and we need to
pick attach to VPC, we are going to select the drop down menu and then we are going to
pick our VPC. We’re going to hit attach. And that’s it. That is how we create an internet gateway
within AWS so we could configure it from VMware cloud. Now in part one, part two, I believe I did
the subnet and also creating the VPC. So check those two videos out. I’m gonna try to continue doing the little
mini series for you guys. Hopefully you guys enjoy this video. Make sure to hit that like button also subscribe,
share out the video and I’ll catch you guys on the next one. Peace out!

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