12 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update: Stores Selling Out Of Hand Sanitizer, Prices Skyrocket Online

  1. The time to buy all of these things was months ago now you just not going to get it unless you going to pay a high price for it if you didn't stock up and believed in yourself you are fucked

  2. Yeah just like they taught us Duck and Cover in the schools like that was going to help us fucking idiots shame on us if we ever believe you

  3. I’ll sell all of my supplies for those prices!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll sell everything I have!!! Soap actually works better than hand sanitizer does

  4. When other people can't buy it, when you bulk buy it and sell it to make money from death. Does it wash the blood off your hands too. Shame on you for putting other people's lives at risk.

  5. Guys get a gallon of 100 isopropyl, 1 gallon aloh Vera, blend together well, now you have 2 gallons for $50, smart people survive if this get bad

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