Computer Network Tips : How to Determine the Download Speed of a Cable Internet Connection

Hi I’m Jason, Mac Genius, and today we’re
going to look at testing our broadband speed. We’re going to do this by going to our Safari
browser and the site to go to for this is, So we’re going to let that
load. Connection seems a little slow but we’re going to test that right now. Internet speed
test, down a the bottom of the page, and you’ve got “measure bandwidth” so we’re going to
click on that and you’re going to see on the screen. Okay, so we’ve got four servers here,
and basically this is just, there’s no method or anything to this madness, we’re in California,
so we’re just going to choose this server, and you’re going to see it go through its
little ping testing thing. So as it’s doing this, you want to keep in mind that your broadband
connection, if you’re using DSL line, is basically going to kind of depend on your, how many
people that are using the service at the same time because it is, it’s always on so there’s
going to be peak times that you get better service, or faster service, and other times
that you don’t. Usually after everyone gets home from work, they jump on the internet,
that sort of thing. So your service will be a little bit slower. We’re looking at five
twenty-six kilobytes per second on this and now it’s going to test our upload speed. Most
broadband, you’re going to get about a thousand thirty kilobytes per second on your download
and usually about a three hundred on your upload and we have seventy-six kilobytes per
second on our upload right here. So you can go back into “new server” and test this. So
again, you’re going to want to go to and you can kind of check the speed of your
bandwidth there. That’s how you check your bandwidth speed. I’m Jason, Mac Genius. Thanks
for watching.

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