Comcast Company Sizzle Reel

[music: upbeat]>>I think I found my team.>>This should be interesting.>>They’ve been dreaming about this
moment for so long.>>I’m so happy to be here on SNL.>>Show me. [SFX: T-Rex Growl]>>Wow.>>I haven’t seen you before have I?>>That’s my point.>>Your wife has a vibrant connection with gigabit speed. It’s good. you know recordings on your main box or
you could download them onto these but everything outside I smell a fairy tale moment if ever
there was one which is so thrilled to have our own little bundle of joy wait you can do things with this you
couldn’t do before Oh by me
so it’s gonna be here I love that our company cares no where in the world is
the health of marine mammals more closely monitored than the UK there’s a
lot to try and understand here and much to learn breaking news to bring you right here on
CNBC every time a new attraction attendance has spiked I
want more this is coming across you you

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