Clear 4G Internet Review & Clear Spot Apollo

scissor refueled forty clear for g wimax
internet service and clear spot apollo for may two thousand twelve all start with the conclusion so you
don’t have to watch the entire video too i recommend clear internet as a
provider for two long years yes however father are some people this service is not made
for if you’re serious online gamer or do a
lot of file-sharing or run your own home webserver like
apache right says not going to be for you if you’re a casual gamer or you surf the internet and stream
maybe two or three different movie services simultaneously the service of that we worked out well
for you with that said let’s get on to their
view let’s start with white clear internet
services well it’s basically forgione climax
high-speed internet the latest generation of most four-g_
smartphones internet speed and availability are
dependent on transmitter towers in your area there’s no cable box or phone service
required this month to month with no contract requirement so you can
cancel at any time a currently have two serb speeds limited download speed with pat thirty
four ninety nine months limited download speeds at fourteen nine
ninety nine months neither plan has a data transfer limit
so road download what you like on the clear website he should find a
section for check coverage on home screen this map is a little deceiving a florida for example it looks like the only are available in
miami tampa and orlando once you zoom and you can clearly see
many more areas in cities have coverage if you still many even further you can see coverage areas for specific
neighborhoods i hate to have to give a word of caution
deter cream zones are supposed to have better signal no light cream been my experience that that’s not
always the case the good news is cleared does happy return policy that you can take advantage if you end
up in a that spotlight there’s someone to resume or process is ec and the shipping handling for me was
next state at no extra charge first to decide what the price you want uh… they have three classes of the
places that mobile hot spots dismay plugged into all that also has an
internal battery freeze when traveling they broadcast on a wifi signal but they
have a limited range due to them being so compact uh… second group is the usb devices and the third group is the hubs for home
and business uses the hubs are either for putting into
your fire outer or for use in the wifi router built into
it i personally selected the clear spot
apollo the apollo is small enough to carry her
pocket it uses a micro usb for charging and allows opportu eight connected
devices although i have to say that i do use a repeater uh… so that i can have unlimited
devices but i’ll talk about that when a little bit later as and internal battery but alas between
four and empowers unplug depending on your usage uh… might total price was one hundred
fifty five dollars and ninety eight cents for the device which i now own uh… the first month of service couldn’t months of service are charged
at forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents per month the delivery that was included with my
purchase was next day air i’d order device on a monday and was delivered to
meet the very next day were ready to use to turn off the device you insert the
battery plug the power cable and press and hold the power button for
a moment the device can take up to two minutes to
boot up infected forty network this device has a reset pinhole and to antenna connectors if you want to
booster four-g_ signal with an external antenna once the devices on you open your wife
trying your computer connect to the network that’s listed on
the screen and use the password displayed then you open up your internet browser you’ll be taken to the terms and
services screen how one shoot scepter service starts and that is a bit spoil i must admit signing up for
internet service was never this easy uh… it took my old internet service
provider of long critic cancel and disconnect my previous service and it took for me to be up and running
with clear and that includes the ordering process
and shipping time too so you can stop here i’d be happy if you
like but i didint take a look at some more advanced user
stuff and uh… clear spot apollo once you’re connected you can configure
hot spot for browsing to h_t_t_p_ colon slash slash clear spot the default password is admin and here
again i must say i was impressed with the
information in configuration options you couldn’t see signal information
battery end user information you can also change the access password
times owned by setting an access controls as well as a large step up advanced
roles like dynamic d_m_s_ firewall and my personal favorite sport
forwarding and d_m_z_ settings you know i wanted the best of both
worlds the portability of the crisp on apollo with the wifi signal strength and
unlimited number of connect two places stand-alone router since the first part of polypeptide
pretty we qualified and a maximum of eight devices i had an
issue as nine wi-fi connected devices between
computers phones i passed printers exciter of all around my house so uh… it took an old link since wi-fi
router and install didi w r t set up a bridge repeater now i have a very strong wifi signal and
i think that this many devices as i liked what kind of uploads download speeds
like it well i want to make a separate video
testing this out with various uh… configurations and as well as in tennis but honestly it fluctuates uh… in one location i had a great
forgy signal showed me a constant one megabyte per
second download speed that’s megabyte not make a bit org
kilobytes or kill a bit above my upload speed was one tenth of
that speech moved three-mile the way got a weaker four-g_ signal nine two hundred speed fluctuates turn
today from one megabyte per second download to about one-third megabyte per second
download above my upload speed is very constant and a ferry with a
megabyte per second hi has order d external antenna for the
first by pablo and so i will be making a separate video
once i get that and have a chance to test it out for you thanks for watching this video don’t
forget to rate and subscribe

24 thoughts on “Clear 4G Internet Review & Clear Spot Apollo

  1. I use a Clear Spot Apollo device with xbox live (xbox slim) and it works great. Clear is the only wireless company that offers true unlimited service without having a pay per data usage, and no contract, which is amazing. However, the company has poor customer service and advertising.

  2. I used Clear Motorola modem as it was first release and I got 5 star signal. After a couple of month the signal was degraded to 2 or sometimes 3 for a short time. I tried putting it near a windows but nothing solve it. Right now I own the Apollo and still the same, the only way to get 5 is to be outside and i don't know about using signal booster for this. Clear you service was good before but now you flunk it.

  3. I'm stuck with CLEAR cause of where I live… CLEAR just LOVES to take your money and charge an extra $35 every time you're disconnected. Just a terrible ISP… I would switch, but I can't get any other internet service. I want AT&T U-Verse but they say the only way I can get is if someone disconnects their service. Talking about there's not enough ports. I never heard that in my entire life…It's been like that for the last 15 years and not even their DSL service is available to me. Bullshit.

  4. I don't trust any of these. I had Verizon 3G with about the same pitch and guarantee. I couldn't even get 1/4 G. Couldn't even check my Email. Kept freezing and getting disconnected. Tried to return it after 2 weeks and they said they have a no return policy.
    (was told Ihad 30 days!!)

  5. I was told that by them that it could handle as good as Comcast. I can't even install a steam game and watch youtube videos, because clear sucks. They lie to me!

  6. clear it out get something else .this is garbage avoid headaches
    you get what you paid!
    i paid about 30 bucks for internet they said 50 works better…..guess what? just a lie
    i checked my internet speed and same will cancel as soon i finish this message


  8. First day of clear and it's not able to stream videos of 360p without constant lag spikes. Towers are all over me, and apparently the towers are "congested", rep didn't say anything about congested towers. Rep was useless and wasted 40 of minutes of my phone. Going to get a refund tommorow. Live in NYC in the bronx and this is unacceptable.

  9. A 40 centimetros Del aparato de señal, de la compañía Clear,y nomas no te da, señal '''y según ellos te dicen lo mejor y son unos ,,¿¿¿¿¿¿?¿¿stupidos,,,,,,

  10. i called them when they took over my cell phone and got a call back an hr later , when to my voice mail and clear call me a fu,cking a,s b,ich this company sucks and I am sure they sell your info if they do things like this most curtenitly can NOT be trusted

  11. do not get clear! all i get 0.25 mbps download speed even that modem has 5 bars even the tower is not in congestion and even the modem is away from the electronics and appliances!

  12.  do not get clear! all i get 0.25 mbps download speed even that modem has 5 bars even the tower is not in congestion and even the modem is away from the electronics and appliances!

  13. What the hell happened to the cheaper internet service that was offered for a starting price of $10-$20 monthly????  I may as well stay with Verizon!

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