“Church” San Onofre CA. surfing

Welcome to “Church” surfing break, located in San Onofre, Southern California, U.S.A. It is a great wave for semi intermediate to even advanced surfers can have a lot of fun here! ((((( Kid screaming: Where’s my dad at – That’s my dad! ))))))>My comment: Guess what kid, your dad just blew a nice down the line connection by cutting out! ha ha>>>Enjoy the rest of the surfing circus video, until then Mahalo……

16 thoughts on ““Church” San Onofre CA. surfing

  1. Hat's off to you, man, you're my favorite surf video creator. You get it right. Good days, real time, ambient sound. This one is especially full of SoCal psychodrama!
    I like the long form, which I'll watch in chunks.
    No one to my knowledge is doing it quite like this, and I for one love it. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for making this video. I can't surf anymore, and this used to one of my favorite local spots. On a good swell you can connect three points.

  3. What year was the film shot at Church. The old white Life Guard Stand was there in the shots. The Life Guard Stand was taken down more than 15 years ago

  4. Hey you guys, if you like high performance surfing under tough conditions.
    Check out this video I have for you from SS Huntington Beach Pier 8-2-2017 during the U.S. Open contest. Here's the link in blue >>>> https://youtu.be/upQ3WBkBDKE
    It has some great arial 360's and a few hard hits on the pier pilings!

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  6. not as good as lowers but better than uppers. once it get double overhead its starts maxing out. head high and overhead it stacks up to any other break in california.. love this place . go to place to surf.

  7. on our return trip to baja, we made a pit stop to this place for some rest and get wet session. The water was clean blue and the lips were paper thin. it became clean session in lined up point waves down from the first point to the beach.. nice. tried this place when it was double overhead and it did not handle the swell. this place is excellent on a head high to overhead situ.

  8. There was only one 'church', never more. Stop this craze pluralization please. Oh, and a little white house for the preacher man to live

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