21 thoughts on “Chrome browser: online security for your business

  1. you know its sad people cant see the forest from the trees or the trees from the forest..its ironic the tablets can have 6gigs of memory or more ,and be "32bit" depending on if its x86 then again x86 archtiecure ,and its still arcane pos . point is you cant install anything but "32bit" open source linux .. yet it reads all 64 gigs or all 8 gigs as it didi on my system..
    one cant you see how they are holding u back ..one on mine you cant use a cdrom 2 3 differnt ways to sunday u cant install anything but that 32bit.. Now where else could they be holding u back or lieng oh yeah x86 in general its 8bit 2bit sound..couldnt you see they promied thus or that..never came thru just like the pc just like the os..they dangled the carroet. Then eft you guys high and dry. windows linux clones ie open source linux ..open bsd , closed source linux- mac osx.;driod sucks macos sucks ..really ios its the exact same thing. oh my gosh they play u its a divison game just like politics it is polititcs. While u sit and bicker they sit and mock u..After Amiga was gone they could mock u. well no it wasnt perfecct ,but it was a tool to mock u. Its one way is used in NASA. Othere oses have spyware . They make windows so bad tomake the others so good.. The oldest trick in the book..oh mickysoft pleys it within itself..wake up sheepeople yes I reawakened.
    Now whereelse oh yea this russian thing to make u forget the flat earth dome thing why becasue its true. Why becasue satan does exist ..why because Yeshua does exsist..the Trinty does exist..Get ready for a bumpy ride….returnth
    till all shall see again
    jon 3:17

  2. you can not stop the CIA snooping its bad its the evil eye. the good news is payback is a bitch. NOW WE GET TO SEE THE CIA caught with your pants down . wikileaks as for chrome enterprise? use normal chrome does it cost money.

  3. Awesome, I love you chrome team, of course only one thing which won't ever be deleted from my android
    Can I have a amazon giftcards Btw?

  4. Dear Google team – why? I receive an ID code from an individual – in one day the numbers and addressees with the security code have changed 3 times – please investigate this – these numbers are: + 994 55 429 76 15 – the next number +994 55 429 58 62 – the next number + 4676447011 – what is the connection between these numbers and Google – my account [email protected]

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