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(upbeat music) – The Check Point 700 appliances
deliver advanced security and uncompromising performance
for small businesses. Let’s walk through setting
up a new 700 appliance. The 700 is small in size
but big on security. To get started, just plug in the power, connect the cable to the internet and connect a PC to the LAN 1 port. We’ll point our browser to the
IP address given on the card in the instructions booklet enclosed. Next, we’ll accept the
browser’s security warnings and log into the Check
Point 700 appliance. Welcome to the Configuration Wizard. This will quickly bring
us through the next steps necessary to secure our business. Clicking Next, we get
to the Password screen. Always change the default password. The stronger the password, the better. Select our Country Setting as well. Clicking Next allows us to
update the date and time. Now, we get to name our appliance. We could use some boring techy name or even out business name. But today, we’ll just use Spike. (dog barking) Clicking Next gets us to the
Internet Connection page. We simply select the connection protocol our internet provider uses. DHCP is most common. Once selected, we are
connected to the internet. Clicking Next takes us to the Local Network Configuration screen. The setting here are pretty
standard for small businesses but can be changed for
more complex networks. Today we’ll stick with the
defaults and then click Next. Now we’re able to set
up our wireless network. We can select a unique
SSID that users will see when they try to access our network. It’s also highly recommended that we assign a password to our network so only authorized people can get access. Clicking Next configures
or wireless network and takes us to the screen
specifying how the administrator can get access to our new 700 appliance. We’ll accept the defaults. Clicking Next connects us to the Check Point Licensing server, grabs our license and
activates our 700 appliance. Once our license is set, we can activate the various
security capabilities that the 700 has to offer. The Firewall will block
undesired incoming traffic. App Control and URL filtering
allow for internet surfing that is both appropriate and
safe based on our policies. User Awareness identifies
network users by name. Intrusion Prevention,
or IPS, blocks attacks and protects our business
from vulnerabilities that attackers can take advantage of. Anti-Bot detects bot infected machines and prevents bots from communicating to their commanding control server. Anti-Virus blocks worms and viruses before they can get into our network. Anti-Spam stops spam from
getting into our mailboxes. Remote Access allows users to
connect to PCs from anywhere and protect their data by
encrypting the transmissions. Site to Site VPN allows
us to have secure traffic transferred between two
remote network offices. Click the check on the security
functions that we want. Notice that by default all
of our capabilities are on, protecting us from a variety
of threats and vulnerabilities. Clicking Next shows a review screen of all the steps we have just taken. If we see any errors, we can
go back and fix them now. If we remember something
later, we could always go back and change that
configuration later as well. Clicking Finish configures
our new appliance and that’s all there is to it. We are protected and can now monitor and manage our security. The Security dashboard
is where we go to find all the features that we have enabled. We can also set the level of
security within each function but we may wanna leave that
up to the security experts. The default configuration
is often the best setting to begin securing our businesses. The 700 appliances can be managed directly from a web user interface
or if you would rather, through a cloud based
security management portal which allows security
experts to manage our device letting us get back to taking
care of our businesses. This cloud based management
option provides a simple, all-in-one solution with easy
setup, ongoing management, firmware upgrades, 24/7 customer support and periodic security reporting. And that’s it. Our business
is now being protected. The Check Point 700 appliances. Fast, simple and secure. For more information,
please visit (upbeat music)

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