assalamualikum friends how are you guys if you continue to look good and have good luck, Aamiin on this video opportunity bang techno share info on how to buy a card by.u friends for those of you who are first to see the tech bang channel, it doesn’t hurt to press the subscribe button first,and activate the bell sign thank you very much if you subscribed without lingering directly to this video ok friends before you order a by.u card, you download the application in the playstore, just type in by.u if you already can open the application still loading aplication do not have an account just click let’s start here there are 2GB data options 9000 active period 2 days which makes a 10GB of data close to a validity period of 10 days so this is my first card and data package which makes sticky 3GB validity period of 14 days at a price of IDR 15k great 10GB validity period of 30 days the price is IDR 50K and I choose 2GB for 3 days at IDR 9K and if you want to add credit here, there are starting from 5k to 100k pulses and here there is an additional toping you can choose for youtube 10GB costs 100k for one day I mean the additional package of the application Kouta yes friends, you can choose yourself here and you can see various choices here OK I continue to register using Facebook and also with email wait a moment and don’t be afraid if this by.u card has no signal at your place because the by.u card is using the Telkomsel tower, so don’t worry there’s no signal, it’s okay to like first friends the way is easy enough, you download the application in PlayStore and follow the instructions like before then select the intrenet quota package and the first card and here directly sodorin let’s choose the number, and the number will automatically change after 5 minutes if you don’t match you choose the number that matches, if it doesn’t match the number will change after 5 minutes and I choose the lowest one, which ends in 17 so this by.u is from Telkomsel, friends and you can choose the method of receiving simcard delivered or take your own friends can be through courier gosend or jne Immediately, just fill in your name, cellphone number, and address home address not to be wrong and postal code here there is a choice of couriers there jne very easy by.u is cheaper internet package than his brother ok I select the postal code that is listed, I immediately select it and I choose courier jne 2-4 days at a cost of 10k and you can see the video review by.u card that appears at the top of this screen just click so the total is 19k and can be paid with various methods available in choice and I choose payment via Indomaret with an additional admin fee of IDR 2500 it’s easy enough ok the order has been made and succeeded and wait until our home address ok that’s the video on how to order a card by.u, you can download the application in Playstore I hope this video is useful for friends if it’s okay and if you don’t mind, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the next video from this channel thank you very much and wassalamualikum


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