Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Did you know the average person spends four years of his life looking down at a cellphone Kinda ironic ain’t it how. These touchscreens can, make us lose touch But it’s, no wonder in a world filled with Imax ipads and iphones so many eyes so many selfies not enough us is and we see? What can we do about it? Technology, has made us more Selfish and separate than ever Because while it claims to connect this Connection has gotten no better And let me express first mr. Zuckerberg, not to be rude but you should reclassify facebook to what it is an anti social network Cuz, while, we may have big friend lists so many of us are friendless all alone cuz Friendships are more broken than the screens on our very phones, we sit at home on our computers measuring self-worth By the numbers of followers and likes Ignoring those, who actually love us it seems we’d rather write An angry post and talk to someone who might actually hug us am i buggin You, tell me cuz, i asked the friend the other, day let’s meet up face-to-face they, said i what time you wanna, skype i Responded with, omg and so rested in a bunch of Estimations and realized what, about me do i not have the patience to have the conversation without Abbreviation this is the generation of media over stimulation chats have been reduced so the news is 140 characters videos at 6 seconds at high speed and you wonder why a dd is on the rise faster than 4g lte but Get a load of this Steady show the attention span of the average adult. Today it’s 1 second lower Than that of a goldfish So if you wanted a few people who are aquatic. Animals they, don’t get to click off or close, this video congratulations Let me finish by saying you, do have a choice yes but this one my friends, we cannot autocorrect. We must do it ourselves? Take control of beat control make a decision me no longer do i wanna spoil a precious moment By, recording it with a Phone i’m just gonna keep them i don’t want to take a picture of all my Meals anymore i’m just gonna eat them i don’t want the new, add the new, software or the new Update and if i want to post the old photo who says i have to wait until thursday I’m so tired of performing in the pageantry of vanity and conforming to this accepted format digital insanity Call me crazy but i imagine a world where we smile when, we have low, batteries Because that’ll mean it will be one bar closer to, humanity

100 thoughts on “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

  1. You are telling me to stop using technology ,sooo I won't watch you channel since it's basically technology

    No hate i love your channel just saying

  2. Can you please stop saying study shows if you don't link your studies and you are demoting technology for making us antisocial and it is how people meet each other from all around the world and not all of the uses of our devices are good but at least they help humanity.
    To simplify my statement you're like 40% wrong

  3. I'm gonna sound like I'm asking for attention- EEEEEEE- I asked my parents for Christmas to have a trip to Barnes and Noble. Books can be more interesting than anything on my phone, seriously.

  4. You don't need to stop you just need to go 😉 now what trying to say is that phones are good for sertain reasons but we use them for some Instagram or Snapchat we don't have good reasons so I am dumb I am smart I am 💯 not useless

  5. This is not ok dude adhd is what people are born with not given to by tv and Facebook gave me the ability to talk to my best friend who lives on the other side of the world I mean this respectfully but you need to work on everything and where the heck are your sources

  6. Bro literally i would probably would have a LOT more emotional problems without some of my online friends supporting me. in real life besides a few people nobody really cares. This video is kinda dumb saying that technology separates us.

  7. I like how he basically says that ADHD is caused by looking at your screen, even though ADHD is an entirely genetic thing…

  8. MUST READ PLEASE YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!.Sorry for the long essay but please read this if you still watch this video to open your mind and show the sunrise like this video!!!!!my rant for the year!! I totally forgot about this video.Almost all of our generations are on social media some way. Even our parents are now and some of there parents and then the in between. People just trying now to get famous on the social media sites. Instagram snapchat Facebook live stream. Where there are people doing videos of donating getting likes, then there is I'm sure thousands of people if not more just helping helping out cause of they're generous hearts. What happened to meeting people? What happened to not caring about needing people's approval online about how you look or live your life. Why do people of the thousands and more do selfies try show there work out bodies and the models on Instagram doing beach photos, the video gamers live streams not being professional or just the way they look. They may Just be good not great. I feel sad that people are just trying to be more famous than ever. Rather than feel how accomplished about the progress they have made. Don't feel as happy as they should be with the accomplishments they have achieved for. What happened to hanging out with your friends on the playground or whatever? What happened to hanging out with family playing bored games? What happened to getting a job and trying to excel to our out most potential? What happened to knowing your neighbors and having get to gathers over bbq? What happened to loving ourselves and not needing millions of random people you don't know to give you follows and likes? I know there is some exceptions. Like in this video if there was no social media or internet in this life it would be totally different. No likes no followers just you* finding yourself in life and being happy. Not worrying about if people like you for the photo of you or the lots of hate you get online with all the likes.

  9. People use Facebooks to talk to family in other countries! There are only a few hundred who are negative, and over a billion who aren't. Sounds like all the people who say Asians can't drive. And nice Instagram photos of your precious moments!

  10. I realised this years ago while in college. I was on my Uni’s student council and on a number of other organisations, ended up maxing Facebook’s friends list & having to open a second account. I felt…good that I had so many friends & a lot of likes on every post I made. And then I lost someone dear to me…and people kept posting their condolences and messaging me about how I was doing. I talked to a lot of people but didn’t feel comforted. What I needed was a hug, a shoulder to cry on, to look into someone’s eyes as I talked to them and I got none of that. It was cold. And it threw the whole thing into perspective -I had a lot of friends on my friends list but how many of them do I actually know? Their favorite colour, the way they talked, what do I remember about them? I realised it was cold and impersonal and superficial. What’s the real difference between having no likes and a couple thousand on a picture? I used to think that having more likes made me happy but…it doesn’t. Not really. It was amusing and a great way for casual “connecting” and I suppose it worked for other people but it wasn’t for me.

    I realised I spend so much time trying to document my life, trying to get great pics and post anecdotes at just the right time that I forgot to live in that time. I realised instead of watching my favorite artists onstage, I was too busy trying to get the perfect angle and ended up watching the whole concert through my phone screen. Now I resolve to watch with my own eyes, to live in the moment. To really experience it properly. And then take a pic or small video -I ended up managing to enjoy my memories a lot more because when I look at that pic, I remember the whole experience instead of the “behind the screen” feeling

  11. Hey if you disliked thank you
    This dude has more bullshit than a bull
    Technology %45 of peaple use social media becouse they lack social skills
    So fuck you ea
    You are a piece of shit
    And stop makeing "deep vidios" you ungrateful peace of shit

  12. The only true human you see is in your eyes, not on the internet or any app you use. Anybody can be anyone on the webs but irl that is what counts. i'd rather meet you in the flesh then meet you on the web, it would mean more to me.

  13. I'm 15 and me and my friends established a rule
    Everytime we're together we take all our phones and put them somewhere else so that we can have fun without them. It actually really annoys me when I'm with friends and everybody is on their phone I wanna TALK to THEM not watch some stupid videos on Instagram with them

  14. When i was younger, not a single soul liked me. I’ve tried to make friends at school but no . Not a single person liked me. But i found ROBLOX, and i met my BOFF. And many friends on the internet! Im still friends with them until this day! I would go to my computer everyday to see if they were online! and i finally got a friend. I was addicted but it i got a real friend! It didn’t matter.

  15. anyone: "hey, let's help someone"…. "let's do something together"…. "let's think about someone other than ourselves"
    commenters: "fk no, sounds like communism"

  16. I really get what he means when I heard the low battery noise I went to check my phone, just goes to show how distracted we are by our phones these days

  17. First of all it’s not ADD its ADHD Boomer and also ADHD is in the written in the DNA we have. ADHD is not a choice it something that your born with I could not have chosen nah I don’t want ADHD I was born with it.

  18. Prince Ea is so motivational y'all should be greatful that u have this man that gives all of us this spark in life to be right and to be part of something we desire but we use technology for the wrong reasons we chat on Instagram or snap chat but rlly we can just see each other in real life which deep down makes us happier and mentally stronger.If we all came together maybe there wouldn't be as much waste in that world or animals wouldn't be extinct or even the the sick children in other countries. Y'all can't just see what the eye wants u to see u have to see what we need to see.

  19. I really hate this anti-technology mentality. Technology has given us modern medicine, increased information access, flight, mass communication. It's actually brought the world closer because we have more information on other countries and cultures and can communicate with those people in an instant.

    Very ironic that this VIDEO on the INTERNET is telling people around the world that technology is making society worse. Screw this guy.

  20. Already noticed that you made this video for us to watch it on the technology youre talking about and with that technology?

  21. Come on guys you can't take pictures all the times,just remember them and when it old you'll be thinking back and said to yourself,"I have a great past"..🙂🙂 PLEASE Y'ALL..✌️

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