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  5. So please tell the DEA and other agencies to stop blaming the legitimate patients and doctors for this opioid problem. There are over 30 million legal users of class II pain relievers, and due to the many laws and rules enacted to squelch the problem, we are experiencing the UNDER TREATMENT of pain. These rules also cause us to go through a gauntlet every month in order to attain our prescriptions. I know many patients who have lost their doctors due to the unfair and harsh rules put upon them by law enforcement agencies who apparently can't catch the illegal users. I take 3 different class II pain drugs which with my bone marrow disease is just shy of being enough to allow me to be comfortable and get important things done, like cooking and eating to name 2. My doctor is prescribing as much as he is allowed and, due to my disease being classified as a cancer, I get more than the average patients. Many doctors have dropped out of the pain treatment business due to friends of theirs being ruined, even put in jail, for normal prescribing practices. As usual – the gov't has it all screwed up.

  6. U-4770 is not stronger than Heroin, it is 7.5X stronger than morphine making it equal to heroin not stronger. It is not even a fentanyl analog.

    Harper NJ, Veitch GB, Wibberley DG (November 1974). Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Vol.17 (11): Pgs.1188–93. doi:10.1021/jm00257a012. PMID 4416926.

  7. You can order anything ALL DAY LONG ANYDAY. Its called the darkweb. Anything you want. Opiates, weed, coke, meth. They wont stop it. The government NEEDS the war on drugs.

  8. I love how they dont buy it and see if it goes thru. Most of those sites are scams. Just cause it says they sell it doesnt mean they will come thru.

  9. Honey yall wonder why theres even a war. All anyone has to do is check the comment sections to get info. People tell allll their buisness right here. Comment sections alone make the docters look horrible and everything about whats going on. Duhh. Keep up the good work. Watch some t.v. or pray a little bit. Graciuos dont tell all ur buisness to the whole world

  10. You've got a real problem here. You know they're not going to start arresting 'white people' in mass, for getting themselves hooked on 'OPIOID/HEROIN,' like they did 'black people' during the 'CRACK' epidemic. No more trying to hide this massive epidemic in the white community, trying to save face. Notice the HUGE difference between the way White People are being treated, than Black People. One goes to jail and the other gets treatment and never get blamed for their own drug use. I'll wait for the deflections and excuses to why this is. I guess you can say, those chickens has come home to roost.

  11. Nice to see a news story about the real crisis, illegal fentanyl and heroine. The government and the mainstream media must focus on truthful stories like this instead of lying about legitimate intractable pain patients and the hero doctors still helping them with the life saving medication that they need. The government has no business telling doctors how to do their job! Go after illegal drug dealers!

  12. Yeah the wall can't solve all the problems of the world but it will help . YOU bunch of corny liberal white entitled out of touch snowflakes.

  13. You have to buy research chemicals if you dont want customes to find it. Guess where i learned that? Cnn had a news story that told me that lmao. They sell opioids as research chemicals apparently

  14. When a person is at a certain age they should be able to buy what they want to take and how much they need to take, and if there was a forum you signed accepting full responsibilitie well then it's definitely no bodies business

  15. Yes for sure you should be able to take what and how much you want of anything,, kinda like smoking and drinking alcohol but there is a blind eye turned to that,,

  16. If they weren't cutting pain meds less people would be dying from that fake fentanyl…..so they're killing people PURPOSEFULLY.
    100 million there's your epidemic!

  17. "Like America has never seen"? Alcohol kills more people than fentanyl, herion and cocaine combined. Much like the war on firearms the war on drugs only affects law abiding citizens.

  18. Most of the RC chem sites have dried up over the past few years. If you're ordering fentanyl from a google search, you're def getting scammed or you're hitting a gov decoy site.

  19. IN the near future, this time,( NOW) THIS WILL BE REMEMBERED AS BARBARIC!

  20. The *** cigarettes is causing carnage like the world has never seen. Cigarettes are only a 5 minute walk to your nearest store. A quarter billion people die every year from using them. Where is that story?

  21. After Prince died I did an internet walk about and it took me to many, many sites that will ease your pain and calm your anxiety. You got the plastic and they certainly have more than the time (again, it doesn't take long to find some site to take your money

  22. except there's actually no proof because no one is ordering it and then you got the fact that just as in the early 2000's if you did. The cops end up showing up to your house to arrest you, well they make sure to wait until you get your package first and open it. And lastly you would have to worry about it all being faked with huge killer chemicals that even effects there people, Also btw 10%+ or so sometimes less of all pharmacy's in america already have these fakes as well and give them to you already,because they order from the cheapest retailers they can. That you can find if you look into the rampant knock off market which even extends to america.

  23. Why not have it shipped and find out if it is not a scam? At this point you only show that there are people pretending.(fake news or just lazy news?)

  24. These sites are 99% scam everyone knows that. Try to order then you wouldn’t get anything. Bad silly video and report.

  25. Stupidest video I've ever seen. They didn't prove "buying Opiods Online is a Thriving Industry"…not even CLOSE. What they proved is that there are lots of scammers out there who would take your money and either send nothing or send you some kind of fake powder. If they had actually ordered some and then tested it, that would be news. Having a scam artist send them a picture of a cardboard box proves nothing whatsoever. Fake news.

  26. People will treat pain!! The government and doctor's don't want to give pain meds out!! Bull people will by heroin or what ever! My body my choice!
    The war on drugs is a war on the people of the world!!

  27. War on drugs is nothing but a political money scam using tax dollars. It’s too profitable for the government to end a failing policy.

  28. Tobbaco is the biggest killer.if the Hippocrates in charge of the legality of these substances really cared cigarettes makers would all be incarcerated.

  29. The reason and 100% proof that the DEA and laws against drugs are oppression: Sativa is scheduled 1. I hope future chemists keep on discoving ways to create narcotics legally. I hope science make it where the laws cant catch up. DEA scum and media pigs

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  31. But a southern wall will decrease illegal drugs and illegal future democrats craving to be on the gov tit, which is what they advertise. Obama invited them to come in and vote!

  32. lmaoo they dumbasses think they could just google it,bruh you have to go on the deep web thats how alot of plugs get their supply

  33. My daughters best friend died yesterday from a analogue fentenal. She was the mother of a 3yo little girl. She has been an addict for years and in and out of drug rehab. THIS is what's killing Americans! My husband has MS that produces extreme pain. He can no longer get the medication that allowed him to live a somewhat normal life. Stop punishing pain patients and do something about the ease to which people can get this Chinese poison. Because people who can no longer get medically supervised help from their doctors are turning to this stuff.

  34. Before Oxycontin there was no epidemic I think I might remember because I used to be a high-level drug seeker back then you could basically get what you needed do you think when they made that they didn't know we could crush to snort chew them and inject them. Doctors were making $5,000 for every 100 prescriptions they wrote once all this happened this world became addicted to Oxycontin overnight and I was an older addict now they're using pain medicine as the Patsy and when you take everybody's pain medicine away from them that needs it and I too suffer with chronic pain I just became severely addicted I'm on methadone now which is actually very helpful for it but it is so not available for most people it's sick

  35. The war on drugs was fake and now you got old ladies on the street trying to cop heroin because they can't stand the pain and when it gets too bad I don't think people realize to be in pain from morning till night is not being alive especially if you can't even take the edge off, suicides happen because a certain few Claimed the poppy plant for themselves and said we'll decide who gets medicine and who don't

  36. The war on drugs is a 50 year failure. People die because they dont know the dose, and they dont kbow the dose because it is illegal.

  37. What about he people who need painkillers but the doctors can't do prescriptions because then they get in trouble with the bosses??!?

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  39. But bro, if someone is really needy, will u help? I m heroin addict, i already have it, and access to heroin, BUT I M TIRED OF USING IT, BCZ OF UR BLOCKING these ways i m trying from months, but cant get any opiod PLZ JELP ME
    even 3 times lost money for buying online
    Bcz here s none methadone clinic that u advise me go there
    Save my life plz
    I BEG
    I BEG
    I BEG

  40. Has anyone ever tried getting pain meds on line and did it work? I’m in extreme pain 24/7 for14 years now, and cant get a thing for this burning stabbing pain I have all over my body, I have become very. Suicidal! I’m looking for ambien and Ativan also which they have cut back on me. Can u get dilaudid on line? Anyone knows plz help me before I erase myself from this earth!

  41. NARY A WORD about cigarettes or alcohol that have killed millions!. And because drugs are abused folks that need them are DENIED!.

  42. NBC News is not very professional if they had ordered and then analyse
    d it for purity then reported on the findings now that would have proved to be a reliable story. Anyone who knows how to order Fentanyl online where I can read the reviews first as I don't want to be scammed, please e-mail me. [email protected]

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  48. If an adult wants to buy drugs, isn’t that their choice? Do we need Daddy Government telling us what to do? If you make opioids available for purchase in a regulated way, none of this fentanyl mess would be necessary. Fentanyl is a nasty synthetic drug, that comparably doesn’t produce much euphoria, causes your tolerance to skyrocket, has a very short half life, produces awful withdrawal symptoms, and kills you. It’s only used because it’s available, like when an alcoholic drinks a bottle of mouthwash in order to stay well.

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