Business Benefits of VoIP – Episode 3

Welcome back. It’s Neil here again with
another short video on the world of VOIP, unified communications, telephony systems. And one thing I wanted to talk again today about is the infrastructure. With VoIP, Voice over IP, the most
important and the essential prerequisite is your network, your computer network, your infrastructure because VoIP is effectively a data packet and it runs
on the same cabling, the same local area networking, goes through the same
firewalling, in the same broadband connectivity as your traditional
computer-based traffic so your internet, your email, your various applications
that you run every day, your CRM, your Microsoft Office and so VoIP-based
services need the exact same infrastructure but they need a very high
quality infrastructure and one area in particular that can be a challenge to
a VoIP-based systems and cloud-based systems in particular is broadband. It’s a well
discussed topic now, national broadband schemes and so forth and the challenge
of getting good quality broadband but we are one of the types of technologies
that absolutely needs that so it’s important as an organisation when you’re
looking to choose a broadband connection to ensure that you get a system and a service that is is optimised for VoIP and is suitable for VoIP. Voice is a real-time
communications medium so any glitch or congestion or any issue with the
broadband really the first thing that gets affected is your telephone call and
one of the most frequent issues that we get queried on is phone call quality. So
within Intellicom one of our add-on services, we are a data company as well
as a voice company. We can assist you with the choice and the implementation and the management of your broadband link and we’d like to think that we can help
you pick the best one, manage that and ensure that it runs for you and your
business. Come and talk to us. Thanks

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