Bill Burr Tackles The Population Problem | Netflix Is A Joke

What the hell have I been doing
with my life? Trying to get in shape, man. But I hate going to the gym, so I
decided I’d go veggie twice a week. It’s brutal. I can only make it till about 5:00. Five o’clock, that’s what I realized
about myself, you know that? Something has to die every day
in order for me to live. Something’s got to get
its beak chopped off, its feathers yanked, uppercut to its jaw,
just in order for me to survive. I’m trying! Couscous and all that shit. It’s awful. I saw this thing, though.
They said if everybody went vegan, if everybody went vegan or vegetarian,
whatever the hell they said. One of those “V” ones, right? They said it’ll be great
for the environment, you know. I guess there’s all this cattle
standing around, and when they fart, the gas goes up in the atmosphere
and causes something. Right? They’re always doing that shit. You know, “If everybody
went vegan, the air would be– If everybody drove an electric car, if everybody just had
some snowshoes on.” Right? They just won’t
come out and say it. Nobody has the balls to come out and just
say, “Look, 85% of you have to go.” – That’s it! That is it.
– [cheering and applause] I have been bitching
about the population problem for three specials in a row. Waiting… for some politician to have
the balls to bring it up, but they won’t do it,
they won’t do it. We live in a democracy. Right? Can’t be honest in a democracy.
You need the votes. You can’t run
with that as your platform. Coming out there:
“And if elected, I would implement a program to immediately eliminate
at least 85% of you! This planet cannot sustain
the sheer numbers– Let me finish! This will not be arbitrary. Under your seats
is a multiple choice questionnaire! If you did not bring a pencil,
you’re already out!” You can’t do that. You got to be nice. You got to be fuckin’ nice,
especially this day and age. Everybody getting in trouble,
all these goddamn groups out there, bitch, moaning and complaining
anytime anybody says anything. “We’re part of a group, eh.” You gotta apologize. “I’m sorry to people
who own Shar Peis. I didn’t mean to say
that it’s an ugly-ass dog, nah.” Right? Fuck you and your group.
What about that? What do you got,
two million people in your group? There’s 400 million in this country.
Nobody gives a shit. Right? Who the fuck joins a group? “I’m gonna join a group,
that’s what I’m gonna do today.” Go to meetings.
What kind of a fucking loser, right? That’s the same way I look at people
who got upset about, you know, Michael Sam,
the gay football player kissing his boyfriend
when he got drafted. Everybody bitch,
moaning and complaining. It’s like, dude, that’s what you
get for watching the draft, all right? Now once again,
what kind of a fucking loser just sits there watching
round after round? “The Jets are up next. I think they need a quarterback. They need to improve
their defensive line.” Dude, that’s like going
to a graduation ceremony where you don’t know
anybody who’s graduating. You’re just fucking sitting there. They’re gonna have
the whole list the next day. They’ll have everybody.
Who drafted who, when. Fucking got to sit there
and watch that shit. Those stupid interviews. “Yeah, you’re a member of
the Buffalo Bills. How does it feel?” “Well, you know, it’s a blessing.
I want to thank God. Gonna try to do my best,
it’s a great organization, and the same shit the last
80 guys said. So, yeah.” Yeah. I’m glad he kissed him.
He should have fuckin’ blown him. Yeah! With birthday cake in his mouth
and a Santa Claus hat on his head, just to ruin the entire year. Holding a flag. That fucks up Flag Day.
You’ll keep thinking about it. Yeah. Fucking stupid-ass groups. People apologizing to ’em
like they have some sort of power. Look, if you’re being a dick, apologize. But other than that,
yeah, go fuck yourself. Yeah. [cheers and applause]

100 thoughts on “Bill Burr Tackles The Population Problem | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. The way he said: fuck you and your group, what about that!!! 😂😂…
    he’s not cancelled bc of how popular he became but we all know new comedians can’t say anything remotely close to what burr says in his specials otherwise they’ll be canceled in a heartbeat

  2. Idk why dumbass audience is cheering that much when he said 85% of the people has to go cause most of us r gonna be part of that. Smh morons

  3. "Fuck you and your group how about that?" Bill Burr is starting to sound like George Carlin as he gets older and it's great to see.

  4. I find this offensive and emotionally damaging to vegans all over the world. Just created a group called Cancel Bill Burr.

  5. The solution is free birth control for people who can't afford to pay for their own, whether they want it or not. One of the main reasons people can't seem to get out of poverty is because when you are poor you can't afford to do anything other than screw, and regardless if people want to believe it that's where babies come from, if you can't afford to have them custom stirred up in a medical container. If you have kids when you are poor you are going to stay poor because you have a great excuse to not work late shifts that pay more money, work longer hours that pay more money or work more challenging jobs that pay more money where you can't just leave because Timmy got a tummy ache at school. Just imagine what it would do to poverty in the US if you could delay people having kids until the parents worked long enough at a full time job to get health insurance. And the best part of it is that the lay around lazy asses won't be reproducing making more lay around lazy asses.

  6. Bill Burr is a talentless idiot who would get swept up in that 85% because he's a comedian/actor with no real work skills.

  7. Actually if everybody went vegan it would probably destroy the Earth sooner because a cow when it farts it is pure methane which destroys the atmosphere. Just a little FYI in case you didn't know

  8. bill burr must be protected at all costs, presidential-type protection 24/7 365 days a year, he is the voice for the last stand of rationally thinking human beings that say what they think.

  9. Actually it's not a population problem. It's a distribution problem. We have enough food to feed the world.
    Also regarding climate change as well it's not necessarily a population problem, although it does have a small factor in it.
    We just need to get together and mass plant trees and change policies

  10. Sad times when we have to rely on Comedians to actually tell us the truth in their routines… Hail Bill Burr..keeping it real!

  11. Thanos could have just eliminated all STDs and STIs and made everybody sterile for like 10-20 years. Just like Bill said "eliminating people but no one needs to die"

  12. It’s funny how this gets put on the feed lol, especially since the virus is rampant right now in China 🦠

  13. Ironic from Netflix to post this bit with the spread of Corona virus goin on. seems like even they wanna see people go away.

  14. Bill Burr: 85% of people needs to die.
    Me: hmm… sounds like a plan. I would like to volunteer, who do I have to call?

  15. People do actually need to turn vegetarian/vegan now Bill. We are just about at the point of no return. So unless you can actual do your population solution, we gotta stop eating meat my friend.

  16. I’ve been saying this for a long time. Coronavirus needs to take a few billion people down, and if I happen to be one of them, well…you’re welcome!

  17. That is not a joke. Overpopulation is the root of all major problems in the world. But that concerns non-white races. So western leftist elites can not denounce it.

  18. Ricky Gervais summed it up…Don't talk about shit you don't understand. I love your comedy about people. I hate your, as Denzel said, misinformed comedic science. You are like a 14 year old Norwegian girl, omg it's so hot must be cow farts and human breath. Tax it!

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