BIG BULL Red Drum 4K | Texas Surf Fishing For BIG Fish!

this might be it might be the one we were
looking for good morning and welcome to part 2 of
our Sharkathon Texas shark fishing tournament videos if you missed the first video we
failed at absolutely everything we can do you can check that out in the right
hand corner your screen and I’ll leave a link in the description down below
as well so we’re up here early and we’re about to head out and put out our own
baits but before we do we’re gonna check up on these other guys and see what
they’re doing they have like thousands of dollars worth of gear and they’re
using the tiniest outfit they have it’s very strange here’s a perfect example of that we’re pulling up to a guy right now we’re just going to pull right up to him
and take a look this guy has a decent idea I think doesn’t have that one
casted out I think he’s got the tuna outfits up he looks cold here’s another
one he’s got the little spinning outfits out with some big bells on look at that
you can see the bell on that rod what does that thing do?
if something shakes that bell that rod’s going in the water
oh that’s what you’re gonna hear it ring is when the shark is dragging it down the beach
okay I’m making fun of these guys but understand it comes from a
place of a guy who hadn’t caught anything yet like nothing like not a
damn thing not even a bite all we did was lose tackle
yep lost a lot of tackle, probably $20 worth of weights this dude’s got a lot
of rods yeah but the way it’s
up there like so this is not the best beach to be going for some shark fishing
so if you’re looking for the guys who are kind of a little bit of a rookie
experience this is where you’re gonna find them yeah in this video we are going to make a trip super super
super far down the beach we are going down to Big Shell pass the four-wheel
drive sign on the Padre Island National Seashore and we have a caravan going we got my dad my brother
we got the dodge and then Nick is going to be headed out and we’re gonna go down
as far down the beach as we can get down south the guts are a little bit deeper
over there so it’s a little bit easier to fish and and the bigger fish like to
hang out in that area so let’s hit the road look at these guys geez they are taking up a lot of beach what do these guys have?
it’s a big ray, cownose ray and those kids gentlemen ladies ladies
and gentlemen this is they’ve got these people as bait we just got the girls
so we got ourselves a little spot out here
we were actually able to find a stretch of the beach we could get all to ourselves
so we’re setting up our camp so that we can be prepared to be out here for as
long as we need to be and we’re gonna get some rods set up so we’re working on
that now it is it’s not like terrible I think we
can do this man I think we got a good spot yeah the first gut doesn’t look great but it’s not horrible I think so I’m excited man this is a
pretty pretty day now but gonna sink the truck one time I got stuck down here, had to walk three miles and I finally found somebody to
tow me out with a winch we’ll have to put a rope on it on the left
yeah I’d like to do it for shark No we’ll let that guy go yeah that’s
working a lot better did you lose him? maybe he’s just coming in get us some dinner Stanley just got skunked that was a good one too that was a good redfish in the surf let’s get another we
need dinner I got married so I would not have to get hardhead’s off the line
because you know I have a dad and a veteran for that as well I know you did that’s okay just okay oh that’s the broken rod is that the matter it won’t work anymore? all right
got it it’s broken we need some help thank you he’s gonna reel it in ah they got you now he got taken yeah yeah what do you got there you go good catch Cassidy get him in you gotta land that guy what’ve you got Hazel? did you get
dinner? oh I do yeah this might be it might be what we were
looking for the water oh boy yeah I thought I saw him on the surface
a second ago I was telling Peter it looks like it’s kicking up some puddles yeah Nick can you get ready for the whole tag program Is it in the blue bag? It is in the door. the passenger side rear door. It might be something that we could have entered into the redfish fishing tournament Well at least we got bait! We’ve got dinner and bait! It is a bull red drum! let’s go check this out I don’t think that we entered the redfish
contest Oh I have never in my life been more
disappointed by such a massive fish we did not enter the redfish category Whammy! yeah it’s a Whammy! wah-wah well let’s throw him
on the fire yeah I’m gonna go ahead and tag this redfish and we’re going to cook
him up for dinner are you sure you want to? Does he have worms? good catch yeah good call I’m trying to win a fishing tournament but I am not crying about a big bull redfish 40 inch bull redfish it’s gonna hurt when we see who won and how close we were should have
entered redfish it’s a solid 47 inch Nick was talking about reprinting the ruler but in a smaller scale that is surf fishing for big fish not bad man what are you doing there? Is that a paring
knife he’s gonna cook us up some carrots after this gonna cut me up some bread? my dad
had a bubble blade he said are you’re gonna need that bubba blade? I was like no take your bubba blade home we’re good he had two bubba blades yeah I distinctly remember
your dad saying hey I’m gonna leave you my knife for this and that and Nick told
me to keep what did Nick say? keep it and then Charles has three
Charles literally said I’ve got three knives with me yeah but he’s out there
casting and fYI guys tag your reds I don’t know what we did take I know but
we didn’t enter it so wah-wah if you haven’t noticed is kind of the phrase of the day
and I wonder if this is going to look as cool as when you do it -FLIP- see I just did
it with my little cool phone ready -FLIP- I didn’t need an S10 to do that -FLIP- I’m sure yours is going to look better
than mine what you making there buddy well I am cooking up some redfish so while chef Peter and chef Nick get
dinner going let’s go say hi to the girls take a look at the campfire hi guys don’t mind me y’all look
comfortable can’t really see you it’s really dark out yeah nobody can hear you either Rachel
just said that she loves me and I’m the greatest husband ever typical Rachel
stuff why are you limping? earlier I twisted my ankle when I was
on the kayak it was alright earlier but now it’s starting to get sore I gotta show you this now because we’ve
already had one go down so this is our
beach-cooked redfish Dos-Equis Infused what did you use? Dos Equis and garlic gives
it a taste of the Gulf of Mexico sir that came out fantastic had to give
myself an edit point there and they got vegetables coming up in just a moment all right so we’ve managed to get
ourself into a good-sized red fish and that was a lot of fun and we’re super
stoked about that catch at this point in time we’re going to go ahead and cut
this video off I think we are good to go for today we got a long night ahead of
us right rachel yup no Whammies! so thank you very much for watching we
very much appreciate you guys you go out and have a wonderful weekend please
consider subscribing and slapping that captain’s bell so that you never miss an
opportunity to get into some big reds with us have a wonderful day and thank

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